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  1. emmabuddie

    new irc server?

    whats the new irc server? is coldfront.net up s^%t creek? ps Rush Sykes is olllllllllllllllllllllllld
  2. emmabuddie

    Chris_Kaos or Kevlar, do you know us?

    <3 kevlar
  3. onetime.... at band camp..... we declared war... and and and we we called it a defensive war.
  4. TIO will have a walk in the park IMO
  5. emmabuddie

    MCXA Goes to War!

        you are probably in the best alliance in CN IMO
  6. emmabuddie

    MCXA Goes to War!

        hi beautiful, oooooh you are just my type... mmhmmm right in my range too, i love a boy who talks dirty. *blows a kiss*
  7. emmabuddie

    TPF Declaration of War

      cool story bro, you should write a novel about it
  8. emmabuddie

    TPF Declaration of War

    the full 8 inches of shaft has no mercy on mi6 this war
  9. emmabuddie

    TPF Declaration of War

    where do i sign up to NSO? sounds like a wonderful place
  10. emmabuddie

    TPF Declaration of War

        i did not realize there was a bag, is it a biodegradable bag or will it effect the environment? lol you old thing     edit: i figured it out, myth is the bag, mi6 are holding myth as he is created by the ambitions of mi6 and TOP
  11. emmabuddie

    TPF Declaration of War

        pfft please. you were all shitting yourself, from what i can see, NPO has mi6 on the ropes as it is
  12. emmabuddie

    TPF Declaration of War

      i bet its full of shit, with nukes to help shove it down. 100 tech says they disband, wanna have a bet?
  13. emmabuddie

    TPF Declaration of War

        tough guy ae? please. i bet you just finished crying to chimmy about how sore your nation is right now
  14. emmabuddie

    TPF Declaration of War

    welcome to the fight. it wont last long, mi6 is pretty shit, im sure they are already writing up a peace offer and there disbandment announcement is ready to be posted post war. worst alliance in CN IMO
  15. mi6 is an awful alliance. i dont know why they bothered to declare war. there govt is just as bad as there membership. i would be surprised if they made a scratch with this DoW