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  1. I most likely left him dissatisfied and wanting more.
  2. (26 in total #) [url=http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=46088&Extended=1]Goose[/url] (Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations) - 2,691,845 Attacking + 6,485,345 Defending = 9,177,190 Casualties - 2,113 days old, 55,110.513 - 4343.20 casualties per day
  3. [quote name='smurthwaite' timestamp='1340953571' post='2999905'] I concur. [/quote] It was a great time. I'd agree it was the most fun I've had.
  4. Thank you for the recognition from No Vision. It's kind of sad how much things have changed. Best wishes and such...
  5. [quote name='CptGodzilla' timestamp='1340668189' post='2996306'] Thank you. That explains [i]exactly[/i] why GATO hates GOD [/quote] You made me do it, remember?
  6. [quote name='Laslo Kenez' timestamp='1340666719' post='2996282'] Not at all - I don't think an ages old split has much do to do with it. The hostage taking of LoSS and DT as a means of drawing NoR out has gone down in our memory as the first time someone actively screwed with us after the Viceroy ended. We befriended The Brain, who came with their own baggage of hate. I suppose we consider GOD to have been a "bad influence" in the sense that it was them puppeteering all the way through. We don't even have half the grievance LoSS and DT do, but it's nice to have a goal to drive yourself forwar
  7. [quote name='ShadowDragon' timestamp='1340663669' post='2996230'] Except that they declared to help Hydra at the request of the PB-led coalition that fought in that war, not over any logs. The logs were just thrown in there as a joke because they were amusing and given to SF by someone close to LoSS at the time. So that would be a pretty silly reason to hate someone considering all the stuff their friends and allies have been doing this war. Also not sure why you brought up CSN when he was talking about GOD. [/quote] He hates GOD by association with CSN. And he hates CSN for offering peace
  8. I approve of this message. Thank you for making my day, Fark.
  9. /me shakes his cane at wickedj

  10. /me walks on Goose's lawn

  11. I for one am all for this. It exposes MK and their ilk as the mouth-breathers they are, and I've been promised that eventually I'll get to blow !@#$ up. It's wins all around if you ask me.
  12. [quote name='Bob Ilyani' timestamp='1339552144' post='2981836'] I'll agree with you on the fact that this would not be necessary had things gone somewhat differently. But my reasoning for why this is a political victory for CSN and SF is on the subject of a different matter, which I will explain. Both you and I (hell, and pretty much the rest of the world while I'm at it) know that the SF alliances are not the kinds to bury the past in favor of the future. No. Instead, they will quite frequently call upon past grievances and old rivalries for the sake of forming a dislike with other allianc
  13. Dead things should stay dead... Best of luck with this unfortunately named treaty.
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