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  1. /me shakes his cane at wickedj

  2. /me walks on Goose's lawn

  3. Goose

    Dark Templar Reparations

    What envoys have I refused? Dark Templar has not tried to contact me since they offered us the chance to apologize.
  4. I was asking for 30,000 in technology in reparations from any source DT could get it. Legacy agreed to accept 20,000 and 10,000 was to be sent to The Commonwealth. This was met with threats from DT for an expanded war. DT optionally entered into war with The Commonwealth and her allies. There are consequences for optionally going to war with people, and those consequences should be expected when you enter a war with no obligation to do so. Their great loyalty to LoSS had them come asking for peace with us after a week of war, with no consideration for whether LoSS got peace or not. Throughout the peace process I've consistently lowered the amount and severity of the reparations demanded only to have DT lower their offer again and again. They've made a concerted effort to smear me and The Commonwealth to the world with half-truths and lies. They've sent messages to our membership urging them to revolt against the government. They've offered their ally's declaration on NPO (unasked for and unwanted by The Commonwealth) in return for peace. They've threatened us and our allies with escalation by allies that have agreed to not re-enter the conflict and those as yet uninvolved. They've been underhanded and dishonest throughout the entire peace process. This is why I am demanding reparations and will continue to do so. I am done backing down. I am done being threatened. I am done negotiating. I am done being fair and reasonable to those that would not return the kindness. If you wish to escalate things, do it and watch your alliances burn to the ground. If you want to smear me, it has been done. If you want your allies to declare war on NPO, I don't care if they do or not. The Commonwealth stands. The terms stand at 30,000 technology paid by DT nations paid to the combined nations of Legacy and The Commonwealth. During the period that DT is paying reparations they will not carry standing navies or nuclear arsenals. No more negotiating. No more middle-men. No more anything. Surrender or burn.
  5. We left the talks with no peace on the table, nor a ceasefire which was offered and declined by DT. It was roughly 30 hours later after I had a discussion with Shamedmonkey (an old friend from Maroon) and some internal discussion amongst membership that we let DT know we'd like to accept their counter proposal from the previous talks. It was hardly attacking during peace talks. Please take your lies elsewhere.
  6. Goose

    How Pathetic

    What IC actions are you speaking of? I don't think we've taken any IC actions for the leaks on our forums. We aren't even certain who is responsible for it.
  7. Goose

    How Pathetic

    They were posted in the R&R declaration on LoSS by an account faking to be one of our members. They've been removed thanks to the swift action of the moderation staff.
  8. Goose

    How Pathetic

    To the person responsible for leaking screenshots of CSN's forums, Please grow the hell up. At least have the decency to remove/edit out the IP addresses of the members posts you are stealing. Please get over yourself and realize this is just a game and doesn't warrant your pathetic actions. Please hope that we never find out whom you are as you hide behind proxies.
  9. Goose

    Let Loose the Geese of War

    While I would agree with that, I believe us Karmites were claiming that every CB used by The Hegemony was insufficient back in our underdog days.
  10. Goose

    Let Loose the Geese of War

    Oh, I am. Many pylons have been constructed, with many more to go.
  11. Goose

    Let Loose the Geese of War

    Your spastic dolphin imagery is not wanted here.
  12. Goose

    Let Loose the Geese of War

    Greetings, please send me a link of the next rogue you have so that I may send him aid.
  13. I hate you all. You're all a bunch of mouth-breathing buffoons of questionable lineage. A great and valid CB pops up, and half the world cries over it. When you aid someone at war with another alliance, that is the clearest justification for war other than sending nations to attack another alliance (which is in itself a declaration of war). Stop trying to argue about the justification. You might believe that more diplomacy should have been used, but I think most of us would decide diplomacy has had its chance when you state that you will view sending aid to a nation you're at war with as an act of war, and the alliance then sends the aid anyway. Then there's the 1/3 of you making shallow attempts to goad allies of NSO into escalating this. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see this escalate, but you're attempts are rather pathetic. Not to mention that they only feed the tinfoil induced hallucinations of the inbred, conspiracy retards. Which brings me to my third point. There is no conspiracy. The world has moved on from everything being about NPO. Karma was about NPO. The vast majority of us have moved on. The only reason things devolve into how 'everything we do is about NPO', or even that NPO comes up in nearly every discussion is because those of you with the IQ of dirt start your mouth diarrhea about how it was a trap for NPO. I hope this escalates. I hope half the world gets blown up. I like watching things blow up (preferably not mine or my friends; things). I'm going back to my bunker to play SC2. Stay off my lawn!
  14. I weep at the destruction of discourse and laugh madly at the destruction of my nation.

  15. Goose


    As far as I know, NPO was the only alliance that threatened ZI for leaving during times of war. I believe most others simply suggest they don't let the door hit them on their way out, and lock the door after they're gone.
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