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  1. Colossus is not gone, she is back in the hands of her rightful owner. The pretenders have been removed from her halls.
  2. I always knew that my hard work and dedication to Colossus would one day be repaid with...what's this? Treachery? I hate you ALL. I hope you are pleased with yourselves.
  3. nosoup4you

    Old Blood Line

    It's been nice not knowing you. Don't be a stranger.
  4. So jealous of GPF right now. I've always wanted DT to spank me hard.
  5. [quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1342063456' post='3008684'] Bob is good people, I can get behind this. [/quote] I can get behind this too, and I have. Congrats, Bob.
  6. [quote name='Anger' timestamp='1329752465' post='2924587'] Didn't you hear? They expected their members to fight a war, who the hell does that?. Baskan isn't enough, we're sending Elfriede over too. [/quote] Last time I stopped by their forums they made me stand under their skirts. They referred to it as "playing ghost" As I am sure someone has mentioned by now, a nation of your size could have been easily rebuilt through one round of aid post-war. As a long-time ally of GLOF, I can tell you that the only disservice that has been done you has been done at your own hands. You missed a
  7. Raasaa Come around and see us some time?
  8. A good showing by all involved. Good luck rebuilding.
  9. [quote name='omfghi2u2' timestamp='1326045071' post='2895770'] Oh man if I only saved at how many of these I had. I think at least 6 or 7 times. I think you AZTEC guys are kinda forgetting some basic points so let me list them out for you. [/quote] When is the housewarming party? You'll surely be able to move out of your mom's basement with all of these life skills. Let me know if you need a reference. [quote name='Mayzie' timestamp='1326113872' post='2896265'] I remember that. Had a good laugh about it on IRC afterwards, when I sent you that message telling you I wasn't going
  10. [quote name='Tygaland' timestamp='1326000209' post='2895449'] [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108125&view=findpost&p=2892989]Actually, it was Colossus that got the ball rolling.[/url] [/quote] And now you understand why I offered to forgive Hyrule's debt if they'd nuke Ferd.
  11. [quote name='Merk' timestamp='1325990603' post='2895297'] As per our terms, a haiku on the topic "<%Petro> also, Merk[KoH] the topic of my haiku will be "Everyone mind their own business and let KoH and Colossus get along" to be posted in the whiny thread about us" And so, here it is: [center][/center] [/quote] See? This is how it's done, folks. And we only had to waterboard him twice!
  12. The smell of jock itch cream and testosterone is becoming a bit overbearing in here. I am sure we are all fighting to the best of our ability...or disability, as the case may be.
  13. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1325883219' post='2894271'] Congrats on showing up 5 pages into the thread to post diametrically to everyone else involved in this. The simple fact of the matter is that whether or not you think you need to justify Colossus' actions, everyone else that has posted on Colossus' behalf--members and allies--have tried to do just that precisely because it is an outrageous demand. [/quote] Hardly diametrically, just filling in the gaps. And I have been in and out of the hospital getting intravenous infusions to combat some pretty concerning kidney issues t
  14. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1325866093' post='2894133'] So why doesn't Colossus knock it off? [/quote] I hardly think we've been presenting a facade of righteousness. My first post in this thread states specifically that I don't feel the need to justify my actions. I've made it pretty clear that I don't really give a !@#$ what any of you think of Colossus or of myself. There's really no room for self-righteousness on Bob, IMO. It is what it is. Relations between Colossus and KoH are better than ever. Everyone needs to get over it and let KoH speak for themselves. I know t
  15. [quote name='SaintScott' timestamp='1325849130' post='2894013'] Firstly Elfreide.....hope you are feeling better now. Your nation missed you. [/quote] Thanks, SaintScott. Doing much better now, thanks to my newly-found lunch funds. o/ KoH
  16. [center][b]The "No One Steals KoH's Lunch Money but Us!" Pact[/b][/center] [quote]Monday morning and we were on the playground before any of the others. We stood in the chill morning and watched as you eyed them nervously climbing down from the bus. They made it to class but we saw how you stared at them during recess, calculating your odds. Times were that this field was big enough that we could all share in the bounty that filled it, but that time is no more. There were once easy pickings around every slide, behind every swing set, but the fat have thinned down and the skinny have bulked u
  17. Heya, Merk. Not calling Ferd a liar here but I was not present during any of the aforementioned "tauntings". Granted, I have been in and out a lot due to the holidays and illness. I will say that throughout the war there has been a lot of spirited banter/joking between our alliances on IRC. Perhaps this is where the confusion comes from. [quote]I'm not going to deny that I have good friends in Colossus, but this war hasn't changed my attitude towards them in the least bit. If anything, it has only given me more reason to talk to them.[/quote] And you'll always have good friends in Co
  18. [quote name='SWAT128' timestamp='1325779762' post='2893350'] Unless there was a NAP clause with WAPA, I don't see how anyone could have a problem with what KoH did. WAPA attacked Polar, then got attacked by Polar's treaty partner in KoH. [/quote] Ummm...Polaris declared on WAPA (buried on like page 13 of an entirely unrelated thread) and then KoH came in on an oA.
  19. [quote name='Jyrinx' timestamp='1325775214' post='2893332'] (I'm also a bit bemused as to why Colossus wouldn't claim this as the reason in the first place since, whether I agree with it or not, it definitely sounds much better than trying to claw back no stipulation aid) [/quote] This likely was not mentioned sooner as it was MYSELF who made the original deal after the last war. I have been really sick over the last week (much to the glee of my battle opponents, right Tyga?) and just woke up to this thread this morning. The others, I imagine, were waiting on me to come set things straig
  20. [quote name='Jyrinx' timestamp='1325773589' post='2893325'] But here's the rub: was it made clear to KoH that KoH was expected to not attack an ally of Colossus for an undefined amount of time? There was a post earlier about an expectation to do tech deals after the reconstruction aid was given (but nobody else has mentioned that; someone clarifying it would be appreciated). But as far as I can tell, there was no NAP requirement with Colossus's allies. All of us, and it's not just STA mind you, are criticizing this decision from Colossus not for the sum (although it is quite a bit given the
  21. Not going to read through all of the bickering, my apologies if this has already been pointed out... After the last war, when it became clear that Polaris would be unable to help KoH rebuild, we offered to rebuild Hyrule [b]under the condition that they sell us tech[/b] (at $3M/50, I might add). Very soon afterward it became clear that we weren't going to be getting any tech out of the deal. We were informed that KoH had a deal with Polaris in which they were obligated to sell them their tech. It would have been nice to know this beforehand, though I doubt it would have changed anything.
  22. [quote name='Sigurd Odinnson' timestamp='1324068909' post='2880075'] Ferd had me worried, because I have so many old friends in Colossus, I'd hate to learn that there was a general dislike for my AA there. [/quote] Ferd has us all worried. You should see the dislike he has for our own AA.
  23. [quote name='Sigurd Odinnson' timestamp='1323815853' post='2876966'] Wait... whose side is Colossus on again? [/quote] You know you don't have to ask that question, mate. Colossus is on Colossus' side, and that of her allies. Good luck, TGECN! The only issue that I can take with your new lineup is that it's become increasingly hard for me to keep up the TGE hate with old friends at the helm. Maybe throw me a bone and do something really dumb...for old time's sake?
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