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  1. This thread makes me miss Orange Shadow Force, cool group of folks that took care of their own.
  2. As a former leader of the Knights who say Ni!, it's sad to see this war. A lot has changed in the past ten years. I don't know who these Alpha wolves are, who COBRA is, why Horton hears a hoo, or why any of this information even had to be posted. What hasn't changed is that the Knights of Ni! remain small and bundled much like a shrubbery. This I'm content with.
  3. Not that I've cared much for rankings, but I do find it interesting that Immortan is rank 63 of 64 in his own alliance. Without others he would be completely insignificant. I don't know what his alliance even sees in him/her. When your nation is almost 4 years old, one would expect a better product, or perhaps (stats aside) the ability to formulate and execute a strategy to castrate his opposition. I read this and was reminded of Carlos Mencia because "I'm not actually funny!... I just take jokes and repackage them with a Mexican accent!"
  4. I'll be hitting 2 years as a tech seller soon. Any time I had a jump, war came, and I got wrecked by smaller nations with nukes. Then it was back to square one, really... the rate should be $9M/100 tech or $6M/100 tech because most buyer nations actively utilizing 5+ slots can easily afford that. If I was a new player, then what on bob would be a reason to stick around in this nincompoop when one little diddle can come along and destroy 3+ months of progress in under 7 days. It's not primarily a matter of infrastructure. Unless you're able to develop wonders and improvements every
  5. http://www.cybernations.net/send_message.asp?Nation_ID=557009 Ask him.
  6. Maybe they wanted something other than pixels.
  7. Dunno personally, but I think it's incredibly sad.
  8. You're the MostlyHarmlessAlliance now, so this explains a lot. Around 10% of your nations participate in war and probably only wars where they outnumber the enemy 4-1. While strategic, it's like hanging onto coat tails. Nothing new for hitchhikers. At least you guys aren't dropping like previous triumvirates who didn't get enough attention from Umbrella and friends. It used to feel like watching someone go back to their abusive partner only to be rejected and be made to feel inadequate.
  9. Oh right, "Imperial Decree," right right. How did I miss it. I'm sorry. Good job, cowboys or whatever.
  10. Considering the opening post, it doesn't take much, but I appreciate the effort.
  11. So it took you 12 days to come up with that declaration?
  12. Killzone had so much potential (4 times), too bad guerilla games has the !@#$%^ story development of all time.
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