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  1. Pretty much how it goes, I post my reply and usually leave. It's not as if people listen to the advice they request or value your opinion towards a topic.
  2. Rude. No one is taking your opinion in the ass. You're just offended that I don't agree with your hollowed system of evaluation, so please, calm yourself sir. First off, I did read your previous blog. Secondly, I'm a big Eminem fan and I did love the Re-Up; you're being overly defensive, and again, rude. Good night.
  3. No, I think you missed the point, where Eminem said in an interview the whole album was basically just a cut-and-paste. Your ratings and critiquing are a joke since you have set no actual standards. Definitely never going to bother reading a single one of these again. Good day.
  4. ^Just check what Neo said. If you can give some of those tracks a 10/10, I don't understand what you would rate "Hurt me Soul" by Lupe Fiasco. The punchlines themselves were childish along with a lot of the rhymes, even in Public Enemy No1. As for the beats, they were mimicking classic Aftermath. Go listen to Get Rich or Die Trying, and then go listen to this album, or even 2001. Nothing new or inventive. It was a little experiment, that's it, on recylced materials.
  5. I thouroughly disagree and view the entire album along with the majority of tracks as being mediocre.
  6. Drege

    Old Blood Line

    IYIyTh, I did have a shoutout for a lot more people, including you and xR1... but I was like... let's just get it over with. Almost didn't even post this. lol
  7. Drege

    Old Blood Line

    It's been a fun six years and seven months, so I thought I might say good bye to some of you. Firstly, to the Pirates of the Parrot Order, my first alliance. Shade0017 sure had a way to make the game sound like more than it was. I didn't realize this until he tried to recruit me to numerous 'roleplay' websites. Had I not met him, or the other Pirates back then, I probably wouldn't have stayed. My experiences as a pirate, cabin member, and Captain were some of the best in CN, despite the hardships. Truly, the PPO is a great community, and I'll always remember the whacky times we had. To Lurunin, I apologize for bringing you into the game. haha To SpliceVW, thanks for everything To Alucard, Now I see what you meant all those years. To Spikes, probably the most loyal pirate to have ever graced our AA. To XBloodX, USoN was a long time ago and I'll never forget how awesome you were to remain loyal to me. It's a hard thing in this game. To general abmenaj, proud to have passed on my legacy to you. lol To Jose, trolololololol To Lanna, I shall be seeing you, my deary! Really, thank you for all the fun times! To all other pirates... Stay swinging' Secondly, to the Knights of Ni!, which were some of my best friends in the game. I met you guys in 2007 and even though quite a few of the originals are gone, the times carry on. Since watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I've showed it to well over a score of people. lol To Capt. Aloha, it's never too late to whip it into shape. To Ramon666, quit slacking! I remember back when you ran !@#$! I hope you're doing well and something better than teaching! haha To FBI, nice to see you re-roll, and thanks for the service, President. To Sudovia, you were the hardest working Knight I'd ever met. Thank you for the service and the best of luck to you in the world! To all other Knights no mentioned, thank you for the work. If it's something I've learned, even one person trying makes a huge difference. Thirdly, to the MHA, who helped out the alliances I was in tremendously. I never really pursued much for myself with you guys, but for everyone I represented. You did however always make me feel welcome, and it was a great feeling. At the end of the day, nothing matter, because we wanted to whup the same ass. To DoctorDoc, thanks for all the hilarious times! When you became Trium, you really looked to help out the KofN, and I truly appreciated that! To Belari, you're hilarious! And I'm looking forward to more Tom. To Julia_Rose_Vicious, thank you for playing all of my requests! I'm not sure how much fun you had with those short talks, but they were a blast! To all the other Harmless folk, thank you for the support. It really meant a lot to know allies like you who were always friendly and assertive. To all three of the above alliances, there were some times where I might have ticked you off, or you annoyed me. There definitely was but I only had the success of whatever alliance I was in at the time at heart. To everyone else, the best wishes! I want you to know, I don't harbor anything negative towards anyone. As a matter of fact, the game in general, I don't care about. I've found something new to me and I will pursue it until my end. If you would like to just talk or anything, you may feel free to contact me via the below. skype: nathanael.gosling twitter: @dv4l tumblr: oodlesofbacon.tumblr.com deviantart: drege.deviantart.com Farewell, Cyber Nations!
  8. Greetings from The Authority of Helghan! Due to interference from the wretched ISA menace, our forums have been having technical difficulties, and we have moved. We would like to thank everyone who came to the previous forums and we apologize tremendously for all the confusion. Below is the link to our newer forums, on zetaboards, because we have always found zetaboards a simple and trustworthy forum host. http://w11.zetaboards.com/helghan/index/ Retribution has been taken in our removal of the Vektan menace from Corinth Crossing! (source: In-game footage, Killzone 2, copyright Guerrilla Games) If you were confused above by the unfamiliar Killzone terms, more will be explained, in an upcoming blog/announcement from our propaganda machine. Today, march ever onwards against your enemies, claiming their lives with your bare hands if need be, for tomorrow is ours! Silent Blood Line, Emperor of Helghan #hg Forums (All previous embassies have been reconstructed.)
  9. Drege

    Enter My Killzone

    Call it as you will but it was just a blog addressing an issue that you clearly took to the head. Be proud of what you've said even though you don't know me at all. I'm sorry you don't know me and I'm sorry that you feel I am a hypocrite, a coward, and unimportant. I will just continue about my business, however, because sorrow is all I can offer here. As for dressing it up all pretty... It's just what my teachers taught me in school.
  10. Drege

    Enter My Killzone

    "Though seriously, 'self-inflicted ignoramus-pluralities'. Man, I love the pseudo-intellectuals like you." It's a magic trick. Psedo-intellectual - No, I like to write, actually. Short stories, mainly, where I try to teach a lesson efficiently. It cannot be done in childish words... so yes, excuse my pseudo self. I am not calling anyone out. You must be missing the point in this, which is "I can't help but feel that a lot of us have forgotten the simulation of war in this game." Now, think this through. Think back to elementary school, when they taught you how to write a paragraph. You generally start with your main idea, then emphasize. So, then what do we have? Hard-asses - check, 1-night raiders - check, long term peace - check, majority won't admit it - check. If you are so inclined, then re-read another portion: "I'd rather be ZIed and forced to restart" Once I am ZIed, then I will restart. Where am I actually calling anyone out? Your above post isn't really backing anything. I proved my point and you were offended, hence acting like a hard-ass. - Calling me a hypocrite, coward, unimportant, and everything else. All you did is insult me for my opinion, like a lackluster miser, if anything. I don't have a problem with you and I agreed with you a lot. What is it that you were trying to accomplish? " stop acting like you are kewl by calling everyone else out for something you are obviously too cowardly to do yourself." I wasn't trying to and you know the rest.
  11. Drege

    Enter My Killzone

    All that you have proved is that you're capable of being a want-to-be hard-ass. I'm not calling anyone out. This is why you're an imbecile prick - TAKE IT TO THE HEAD. That's why you got upset by what I typed out up there. I haven't been crying because believe it or not, you have utterly stammered me, by finally not trying to convince me, that you're not ignorant. It must be a miracle. Now, saying my generalization was calling everyone else out is overwhelmingly like saying Cain didn't kill Abel. Fairly, you want to make it about my blog being public, whereas it's my personal view - and I didn't call anyone out, but made a generalization, an observation more-so. "TAKE IT TO THE HEAD" - there is your problem. What makes you think I'm offended seriously dazes me - Scroll upwards and reread everything I've written. Nevermore has rested a hint of me being offended. "I'm just calling it how I see it, and how many other see it. You want to call me a coward for that? Go right ahead." I'm open to debate on what I said, but you didn't call me out, instead you insulted me. There is a difference, and I haven't argued anything, but clearly exemplified your self-inflicted ignoramus-pluralities regarding what I said.
  12. Drege

    Enter My Killzone

    Congratulations, on being completely unnecessary, again. You are ignorant and your arguments are based entirely on presumptions. You're presuming just about everything and acting is if you literally know the things I do. This is what an ignorant person does. If you cannot accept your ignorance, oh well. I haven't said a single offensive thing to you, besides the truth, which I'm sorry if you feel offended by. Your initial comment was that of an imbecile prick. You're continuing it because, for whatever reason, you cannot see the rationality, here. You've also gone far from the point... "I'm just calling it how I see it, and how many other see it. You want to call me a coward for that? Go right ahead." So, you want to attack me directly? Go right ahead. It's amazing to me how you will not back down, "These are the same people who will claim to be professionals in CN, which I find hilarious." It's truly bewildering. What exactly are you still arguing for? You're probably the only person really taking offense here, judging by your rampant whining, of my generalization. I can't tell if you're seeking personal gratitude, or to prove to no one, you're an imbecile prick, in reality. (No, that doesn't mean real life) I'll say it again, you don't know what I've done, where I've been, or really anything at all about me. To act like you do, is to stay in bliss, and if you don't know what means, that's extremely unfortunate. Am I whining? Sure I am. Oh wait! Isn't this my blog? I mean, instead of taking the topic, "WHINING", I took the consideration to put MY views into a blog. MY VIEWS INTO MY BLOG. Perhaps, caps-lock isn't enough for you. As for your so-called points... You want to claim you win an argument I'm not having. Do you even see the transformation abounded? I can admit when I'm wrong, and I'm not, in my blog. Your inability to reasonably argue, ergo envision my denouncements, shall forever be your reckoning. So, lastly, go ahead and take personal shots at me, at my alliance, and whoever else you want to.
  13. Drege

    Enter My Killzone

    Let me explain something to you... I have other things to do, then to go seek the wars. I'm just calling it how I see it, and how many other see it. You want to call me a coward for that? Go right ahead. You're hypocritical for your ignorance, which is still being shown. What I did, doesn't matter, because again... since day 1, I never asked for praise or gloated once about any achievement I did. I never claimed to start anything, or made any promises. You don't know that. Why you want to make it about that, is astoundingly stupefying. You weren't around when the KofN started, and you don't know what we went through back then, why I left it, or anything else, including why I'm there now. Afraid to go rouge? No, but I also won't fold to peer pressure, which you're clearly exemplifying. Athens has done much? I never said they didn't do anything. Athens was always a fine alliance to me, I've always thought they were cool. They had an embassy on our forums, before the raid, and TLR has one now. Again, you don't know what. Am I a coward? Let me be, for I have other more important things to attend to, then starting a conflict personally. Call me a hypocrite, I did say I was. Call me unimportant... I never said I was. One more thing... congratulations for amassing everything based on nothing. So keep pushing crap, I couldn't care less. But I do enjoy denouncing everything you say.
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