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  1. I'm not 100% sure how inactivity works. Is it not just the same as paying your bills normally? As in if you delete your Infrastructure does that 1.5bn infra bill come down to virtually nothing? Without that & the improvements, you're less than a round of aid away from being able to pay bills.
  2. I think there must have been quite a few deletions because I've just noticed I'm at #49 and I've not even broke the 15m mark yet. Number of Soldiers Lost: 4,120,524 Attacking + 10,770,065 Defending = 14,890,589 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #49 of 4,346 Nations (Top 1.13%)
  3. To be fair, I shouldn't have read this on my phone in tiny font as obviously he was biting to those baiting him. Either way, these "no-one is filling my defensive slots, my defensive wars haven't even been by GLOF, no-one even fights back, half of their members in my range are in peacemode" posts get a bit irritating. No-one is filling your defensive slots, because no-one cares. Plus with limited numbers in certain ranges, you don't unnecessarily throw three people onto a nuclear nation & put them out of action (into anarchy). SUN found themself at war with a bunch of ou
  4. I'm hardly active, don't know what goes off within Oculus or amongst any of our allies but I'm pretty certain that SUN doesn't even register on anyone's list of priorities for this war. The only reason I hit you and not someone from TTK was because you're a gob-!@#$e and you were running your mouth on here. I figured it might shut you up for a bit and it did, but now you're not in range and back talking crap.
  5. I never said they were a day old. Either way, feel free to highlight all of the words since they all ring true. Younger, less advanced, less developed & less prepared. Generally, hitting nations at an NS level where the people running them haven't been bothered to do anything other than maybe sell tech will give you a high damage ratio. Well done you. I guess that's what you were looking for?
  6. Yeah, I'd stop too. All you're doing is reinforcing my point that you're fighting a bunch of nations that are less developed & less equipped for war than your own, so it's hardly suprising that you're outdamaging them. Unless I'm missing something and you've got some God-like button clicking skills that are boast worthy.
  7. Please do tell us more about how your seven year old, 5k NS nation with twenty-three wonders is outdamaging those younger, less advanced nations. I'm not sure going rogue en masse is "the honourable way out" either but I guess that's a matter of opinion.
  8. That's great logic. With such a convoluted treaty web, if no-one went to war with alliances that are two treaties away from another ally of theirs then things would be even less interesting around here.
  9. I got drunk, read every comment in the Queen's English & found the thread hilarious. Give it a try.
  10. I guess everyone treats their allies differently. Normally alliances respect the difficult decisions made when it comes to which side you're going to fall and the reasons behind it - it's usually a case of "We've got X amount of allies on this side of the war, I can't justify ignoring X treaties to defend you when you jump in to defend your other allies". It seems to me that you expect opsec to be broken, rage incessantly all over the OWF about how shit your allies are and demand the impossible - to fight every war unopposed because you're tied to most of the treaty web in one way or anot
  11. Over seven months & not a single post. Similar to our forums. :v:
  12. Have fun you lot. Hopefully someone blocks about fifteen straight nukes of Phil's.
  13. Your cap on warchests is to basically write off the best part of two years of me hoarding cash & buying tech when I might as well just have been going rogue every other month, isn't it?
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