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  1. Glad you're finally part of the family AB! o/ AZTEC
  2. [quote]yes that is a threat....in that context it makes sense. Because he was saying that wasnt a threat but this is.[/quote] So that's how you explain this entire exchange? [22:57] <+Chaos> I'm so glad for your sake you're behind a computer screen [22:57] <@Auctor> oooo [22:57] <@Auctor> OOC threats now? [22:58] <+Chaos> this is a threat: you would be a dead kid if you pulled stupid !@#$ and I knew you IRL [22:58] <+Chaos> call the cops !@#$%* If anyone is taking one line out of context, it's clearly you. Now, seeing as you guys have "Perfected troll
  3. So everyone, this is what you can take from this whole "incident:" It's perfectly acceptable to make threats on people's lives, provided that you first remind them that the last thing you said was not a threat.
  4. Since Isaac believes those two lines were taken out of context, allow me to present the "context" in which they were said: [quote][22:56] <+Chaos> you said you wanted out [22:56] <+Chaos> we left you alone [22:56] <+Chaos> you held a grudge [22:56] <@Auctor> no no [22:56] <+Chaos> yes yes [22:56] <+Chaos> [b]**** you don't lie to me now[/b] [22:57] <@Auctor> I'm attacking you pretty much because you're whiny right now [22:57] <@Auctor> I find that funny [22:57] <+Chaos> you hijacked the AA [22:57] <@Auctor> yucks and giggle
  5. [center]The Siberian Tiger Alliance hereby surrenders to the forces of: The Independent Republic of Orange Nations; The Grand Lodge of Freemasons; Colossus; and We Are Perth Army. STA agrees not to re-enter the current conflict. STA agrees not to aid NpO or her allies economically during the current conflict. In addition, since the STA front is closed - Colossus, We Are Perth Army and New Polar Order have mutually agreed to end their conflict. Signed, [u]For GLoF[/u] Obscurus, Grand Master Iwin90, Grand Chancellor TonyM210, Grand Superintendent Brick Tamland, Grand Knight T
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