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The Easter Sunday Accords

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1. TOP, IRON, DAWN, TSO, and TORN acknowledge a cessation of hostilities via white peace with Aircastle, Aloha, Christian Coalition of Countries, FOK, Global Alliance And Treaty Organization, League of Small Superpowers, Mostly Harmless Alliance, New Polar Order, Prism Protection Front, Siberian Tiger Alliance, The Brigade, The Jedi Order, and Umbrella.

2. TOP, IRON, DAWN, TSO, and TORN admit defeat and surrender to the collective forces of the Complaints & Grievances Union (Athens, Federation of Buccaneers, Greenland Republic, League Of Shadows Treaty, Orange Defense Network, and Mushroom Kingdom), Blatantly Awesome Coalition of Nations, Dark Fist, Federation of Armed Nations, Farkistan, Genesis, Imperial Assault Alliance, Nemesis, Open Source Alliance, Ronin, Sparta, and The Resistance.


3. TOP, IRON, DAWN, TSO, and TORN shall pay reparations in the amounts outlined below. In the case of both reparations paid directly and reparations paid for via tech deals with other alliances, it is the responsibility of the surrendering alliances to ensure that payments reach targets specified by the receiving alliances in a timely manner.

4. TOP shall pay the following reparations:
a. 100k direct tech and 128k indirect tech to C&G.
b. 23k indirect tech to Sparta.
c. 11.7k indirect tech to DF.
d. 5k indirect tech to tR.
e. 2.3k indirect tech to Nemesis.

5. IRON shall pay the following reparations and agrees to the additional terms:
a. 110k direct tech to C&G.
b. 15k indirect tech to Sparta. Sparta agrees to reduce TOOL and Legion reparations by 15% as an act of good faith.
c. 10k tech to Fark paid for at a rate of $3 million per 150 tech, as well as a beer review.
d. A bourbon review from IRON leadership for FAN.
e. Unlimited cast iron frying pans to BACoN for bacon cooking purposes.

6. DAWN shall pay the following reparations and agrees to the additional term:
a. 7k indirect tech to C&G, as well as an additional 1.3k direct tech to ODN.
b. 2.5k indirect tech to IAA.
c. 500 tech to Fark, as well as a beer review.

7. TSO shall pay the following reparations:
a. 55k indirect tech to C&G (up to 15k of which may be sent elsewhere out of good will).

8. TORN shall pay the following reparations:
a. 5k direct tech to C&G.
b. 5k indirect tech to IAA.

[b]Length of Terms[/b]

9. TOP, IRON, DAWN, TSO, and TORN recognize the length of terms provisions outlined below.
a. TOP has 8 months, IRON and TSO 6 months, and DAWN and TORN 4 months from the signing of these terms to pay the amounts specified. Once a surrendering alliance has completed the full payment of reparations they are released from terms.
b. The undersigned alliances may at their discretion meet to alter, given unanimous consent, the time frames specified.
c. In the event war breaks out involving any surrendering alliance, unless said alliance is the initial aggressor, their time frame shall be suspended for the duration of their military involvement in said conflict.
d. Should a surrendering alliance fail to deliver the full amount in the specified time frame, the payment will be considered defaulted and the terms violated.


-IRON and DAWN remain at war with Grämlins.
-IRON and DAWN’s mandated reparations payments and time frame for payment will be suspended until war with Grämlins has concluded.
[s]-PPF’s signature is pending.[/s]
-AoAB no longer exists, and Eldar merged into TGH. Hence neither are part of this agreement.

We’ve been talking peace for well over a month now. Despite a rocky start and quite a few bumps along the way, I’m pleased we can finally end this war and put this all behind us (even if only partially on some fronts).

Whereas I can respect Grämlins’ resolve in pursuing peace on their terms, and IRON and DAWN’s resolve in not acquiescing to what they see as unreasonable terms, I’d nonetheless encourage you both to (continue to) work towards an amicable resolution to what remains of this conflict.

Best of luck to all involved parties from here.

Edited by SirWilliam
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The Union endures. Unbowed, unbent, unbroken, we move forward with heads held high into a new era. I salute both our foes for a valiant effort and my brothers and sisters in the Union for their incredible display of fighting spirit and prowess. In particular I wish to offer my thanks to SirWilliam for his herculean efforts in assembling and executing this peace treaty - it is thanks to him that you see this document here today, in its entirety.

Hail to the Kingdom, long may we prosper.

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Congrats to everyone etc.
It was nice to fight alongside/against all of you.
And good luck with the rebuilding everybody, we sure blew a lot of pixels up :P

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