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  1. I dare say, he seems to be picking on you here.
  2. you have now got a 07, 08, 09 and a 2010 comment :P

  3. This comment was missed, and is of vital importance.
  4. joracy


    Yeah. It was not cut and dry, and was up in arms basically until the day the senate completed it's vote. The opinion rapidly shifted towards the end of it(although the government was significantly more deadlocked than the GA was) due to a variety of things, but before that, things were much more heated. EDIT: I was writing my post before the lot of you and was just lazy :colbert:
  5. Oh god, I was really hungry, and went to the CN forums to distract myself. This is the first thing I opened.
  6. joracy

    Coming Up Short

    Join ODN, ODN is ODN?
  7. Heh, I was quite happy with all of that, Me, Cata and Arsenal, and the rest of the team(except Twizzler...just...no...header is fine...but wrong target)
  8. (As a side note, C&G are now asking TOP for more tech than they possess, one of the touchstones of their complaints about noCB terms.) Even if we don't include what tech they have off AA, this is false. The "highest" in terms of total technology that was ever asked for is still less than their current on AA tech(And was entirely indirect, meaning it was just money). Even adding in tech from non CnG people, you'd still end up less than their current on AA tech. Other offers had TOP paying even less tech in total. Even the original offer was less tech than they currently have.
  9. Wow. This is amazing. The definition of the word harsh, severe or draconian is not subjective. The word is simply a way of conveying a meaning or thought IE; something is draconian because it enacts a punishment that is overly harsh, or whatever the definition is. How that meaning is put into practice however, IE, what the base line to determine if something is overly harsh, draconian and so on however is subjective, and subject to so many variables, I'm not going to list them. The fact that you either don't understand this incredibly simple concept, or are willingly pretending you don't doesn't make you look good, nor strengthen your argument. But for a little fun, what constitutes hot? 20 Celsius? 30? 50? 5 degrees over ambient? 20% over body temperature? Clearly, unless hot is specifically defined, it's impossible to communicate it.
  10. Had I gotten the ball more, I would have scored us something. If my team could stop losing it for me :negativeman: We do pretty awesome when it comes to nill-nill ties however.
  11. joracy

    Two years of Mia!

    Heh, congratulations!
  12. haha, thats really great. Thanks a lot for sharing that. What luck.
  13. Eh, I tried. Had twizzler been in charge, we woulda lost.
  14. Heh, for sure one of the better beer reviews.
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