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  1. I'm afraid you haven't taken the prerequisite courses yet. Please take ELAW - 110 Coalition Building before signing up for ELAW - 205 Treaty Interpretation. You can petition the Dean for a waiver if you have transcripts and/or professional experience.
  2. I was thinking putting all of TIO through an elawyering class personally anyways, good luck guys
  3. My Sig is now relevant! :D o/Polaris o/TOP
  4. Quick update: Yesterday, my dog's stitches popped, unfortunately, I was the only one free at the time, so I had to take her to the emergency vet. Since I'm not her owner (My brother is) I had to spend a lot longer filling out paperwork and calling for dates, details and the like. We got back home around 2am server time which unfortunately meant I could not put on a StarCup this week. Rest assured there will be another one next week, and SCM can go back to stealing my tech :P Thanks all!
  5. CN StarCup #2 What: The CN StarCup is a weekly Starcraft 2 tournament for Cyber Nations players to compete for tech/other prizes Prizes: 1st - 50 tech When: Saturday, July 27 10:00pm Server Time How Do I Watch?: My Stream!: http://www.twitch.tv/sherlock_starcraft How to Sign up: Post in this thread the following info: Check In: #cnstarleague on Coldfront Rules:
  6. SiCkO

    CN StarCup

    Check is now LIve! go to #cnstarleague on mIRC to check in! Check in closes in 10 minutes
  7. SiCkO

    CN StarCup

    check in is in 15 minutes #cnstarleague
  8. SiCkO

    CN StarCup

    What Timezone do you live in?
  9. SiCkO

    CN StarCup

    Enrage, I picked that time to work for both Euros and Americans, it's by no means perfect but hopefully it allows everyone the chance to be up, any earlier is too early for West Coast, later is bad for Europe. A good point, I tried to hit a date that wouldn't make it so the event would not be too far out of someone's mind (week +) but far enough out to give some space, 4 days seemed to be appropriate. There will be more of these so mark your calendars :) That's the plan, still tweaking things but it should be good to go sunday
  10. SiCkO

    CN StarCup

    To all fellow Starcraft players, interested in earning a quick 50 tech? Or just playing some great games of Starcraft? This Sunday July 14 at 8am PST (10am Server Time) SiCkO is proud to present the first CN StarCup, a Best of 3 elimination tournament. To sign up simply post in the thread the following info and show up in the chat channel #cnstarleague Sunday at 10am Server Time to check in! Info: Info about the Event:
  11. We were always counting on your full throated support of us. keep up the good work ;) That aside, disappointed I didn't get quoted :(
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