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  1. All the war starters were run out of power, out of the game or into isolated pockets. When the meek inheret the world you get a meek world. Sure its nice and safe and orderly but its as boring as watching a bucket of paint with the lid off. Ever so slowly a fine skin forms over the surface. That and meek people are cowards by nature who avoid confrontation at all costs out of fear but blame logical reasons like it being counterproductive, unintellegent or being very damaging to all involved.
  2. Every starwars movie was crap. Even as a kid I thought the originals were crap. The only bit I thought was great was lucas putting a knob there in plain sight for all to see but call it a monster. Children and parents the world over saw it and were easily duped into believing they didnt see some guys todger.
  3. Ive won 15 of my 16 wars against NpO so far and nuked them 69 times. They are a push over, come and join the fun. Join Bear Fofce One
  4. In 30 days of BF1 I have landed 61 nukes on the north pole. Think you can beat that? Join BF1! The ice caps are melting faster than ever, join BF1!
  5. Only 16 weeks to Christmas. Nuke your way to christmas and into the new year with BF1.
  6. Alterego

    RE: Miley

    The judgement/gossip industry is bigger than the entertainment industry it reports on. Everything outrages them, delights them or both. Lady Gaga/whore = good. Mily Cyrus/whore = bad. The sad part about the whole thing is grown adults follow this crap at all. If you are a woman in America and want to be rich and famous all you need to do is act like a slag. When you stop rewarding slags with great wealth and fame girls/women will stop acting like slags
  7. Real men wanted. Feminine types stay away. Hairy women with big e-peen are welcome.
  8. Sleeping on the job must be part of the job description for polar minsters
  9. I marvel at the levels of incompetence I have witnessed and the ease in which it is dismissed. At every level you guys have shown incredible levels of uselessness that would never have been seen by the other major alliances up against a dozen nations. Polar is at best a meat shield (horse meat not beef) for serious alliances and are so desperate to come in from the cold that their new shiny treaty has blinded them to the truth. Son, you guys have an ability deficit and your going to be shredded like shredded wheat when you face an alliance of more than 13 members in the next war. I had
  10. Join the fun. Plenty to go around
  11. Congrats on winning "your war" starfox. I tried to find the starfox war alas I could only find a war he piggybacked and outnumbered the enemy 5 to 1 in NS. o/ If I was going to impersonate him I would do this
  12. political career? :lol1: Nah, bean counters come here to pursue a career in politics :D I said I would never go down that road in the early days because I didnt fancy an unpaid full time "job". As for your dislike of other rogues despite you first going rogue a million years ago and doing it a million times, who knew you were a hypocrite :rolleyes: thanks for biting again. Yup
  13. The funny thing is after 27 pages of taunting you and zoskia are the only ones still rising to the bait because he is so furious :frantic: and you just cant shake your bean counter mindset :mellow: . 50 tech for each of you if you post on the 50th page vox was a hell of a long time ago :lol1:
  14. Congratulations Skyline613 of New horizon. You were the recipient of my 50th nuke on target in 15 days of (nuclear)fighting. 50 tech is in the mail, 1 per nuke. There will be 100 tech for the lucky recipient of nuke number 100 Nuke number 51 went to stoney of Blacklisted, sorry mate nothing for you but hair loss, a loss of appetite and erectile dysfunction.
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