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  1. All the war starters were run out of power, out of the game or into isolated pockets. When the meek inheret the world you get a meek world. Sure its nice and safe and orderly but its as boring as watching a bucket of paint with the lid off. Ever so slowly a fine skin forms over the surface. That and meek people are cowards by nature who avoid confrontation at all costs out of fear but blame logical reasons like it being counterproductive, unintellegent or being very damaging to all involved.
  2. Every starwars movie was crap. Even as a kid I thought the originals were crap. The only bit I thought was great was lucas putting a knob there in plain sight for all to see but call it a monster. Children and parents the world over saw it and were easily duped into believing they didnt see some guys todger.
  3. Alterego

    RE: Miley

    The judgement/gossip industry is bigger than the entertainment industry it reports on. Everything outrages them, delights them or both. Lady Gaga/whore = good. Mily Cyrus/whore = bad. The sad part about the whole thing is grown adults follow this crap at all. If you are a woman in America and want to be rich and famous all you need to do is act like a slag. When you stop rewarding slags with great wealth and fame girls/women will stop acting like slags
  4. It takes very little if the nation is a nation of warmongers and criminals. Sometimes all you need is a homemade drawing showing stuff that doesnt exist. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Powell_UN_Iraq_presentation,_alleged_Mobile_Production_Facilities.jpg
  5. People are stupid. Politicians are just playing to their audience.
  6. 56% (fact)in peace is the majority not the "few"
  7. most of MK have been or are in peace mode. They can declare just fine but have decided a good tactic is let your allies do almost all the fighting while they put the feet up.
  8. Almost no offensive wars by umbrella and no sign of MK as usual. Seriously TOP, only 80 offensive wars...lol 2/3 of DH (the people who wanted and started this war) are doing almost nothing and GOON wars dont count because they are all nations below 5k NS. I wonder if ODN regular members who are bleeding heavily for DH will look at this and ask themselves where the %$*& are MK and why are Umbrella and TOP doing almost nothing in this war. ODN have more than twice the offensive wars of TOP and Umbrella combined. Well with 2/3 of MK in peace mode letting ODN do the fighting for MKs mistak
  9. Alterego

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    Tom, dont change a thing you are doing. If you are making people angry and ruining their day its a job well done. From one to another
  10. The UK isnt a nation it is 4 nations and the anthem is crap. God save the Queen/King is the Anthem of the British Empire. France and Russia are the only good ones, the rest are crap National and/or Royal anthem of Independent states · United Kingdom · New Zealand · Antigua and Barbuda (royal) · Australia (royal) · Bahamas (royal) · Barbados (royal) · Belize (royal) · Canada (royal) · Grenada (royal) · Jamaica (royal) · Saint Kitts and Nevis (royal) · Tuvalu (royal) Territories · Tokelau · Anguilla · Bermuda · British Antarctic Territory · B
  11. I troll you. Sorry, very lazy these days.
  12. I see no difference between what Starfox and other ex-Vox types have been saying about NPO and what MK said about NPO. Vox just have to try to put a freedom fighter spin on it. The memory of Vox has been shredded by the years of silence (while many were oppressed or targeted for destruction for the enjoyment of the hegemony) followed by veiled threats to NPO who did NOTHING to warrant a threat of this kind. Vox was at best the mouthpiece of MK/Karma
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