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  1. KingBilly1


    Can't beat the old days of fighting you Paul. You're more than welcome to try and change things
  2. KingBilly1

    Sexy Gladiators Announcement

    Much more respectable SG. Hopefully we get the 1v1 afterwards
  3. It's been about 2 years! About time someone came knocking. May the battles be long and destructive.
  4. KingBilly1

    Nation count within CN and trends

    I lost interest in SE years ago, don't know why I still log in tbh. Maybe it's holding on to a past that was interestingly fun and met lot's of great people. The past couple of years have been spent on TE, the numbers were low but having that reset every few months made it competitive. But it looks like TE is gone and I'm sure that will result in more people leaving SE. I don't have the energy to even rogue my way out of the game lol! But if anyone attacks i'll be happy enough to take their tech???
  5. KingBilly1

    End of Round Award for most damage

    MDW is the most flawed award, all it requires is you avoid spending until the last 5 days. You then find someone with a lot of tech and you most likely plan attacks against each other. It's in line with the rules, but we should definitely change it to most damage over the round. As well with casualties, we should track soldiers killed since they contribute to alliance wins. Instead of the top 3 nations by strength in the AA, the top 3 with the most kills should win those awards
  6. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    Please don't try and misquote me. Had those nations been at UN all round then the rest of us could have focused on recruiting all round. Not recruit in the last week. Your tactic was to bring in a lot of nations (too many to be real) TE hasn't seen recruitment like that for many years. I think you recruited more in 24 hours than all of CN has recruited this past year.
  7. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    What you aren't understanding here Das is that these nations re-rolled and joined a new alliance, then joined UN 2 weeks before reset. Not acceptable after last round. If these nations stayed at UN all round then the rest of us could have spent time recruiting. You don't just hide re-rolls and then claim 1 of them is even gov for UN. If he is not in UN then he is not UN gov, really is that simple. That's like HG leaving for a new alliance and claiming to still be D1 gov.
  8. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    Beating a score of 66 is near impossible with 5 less members. We have literally had the top 10 nations at several points this round, but strength counts for nothing against membership. We all knew they were UN re-rolls, but that still doesn't make it fair to have them jump over this late in the round
  9. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    Re-rolling and sitting in another alliance for the majority of the round doesn't mean you are UN nations in my eyes. You re-rolled resulting in massive casualty losses for D1 and then think it's acceptable to just jump into the UN 2 weeks before reset? You are not doing yourselves any favours. This round you were meant to learn from your mistakes last round. I guess yous are slow learners and it will take a bit more time.
  10. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    I would probably suggest making this your last round UN, being disliked by UN and the Wolves is a sad position to be in. Or come back and play fair.
  11. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    An SDI that works! Congrats Sam
  12. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    I don't think anyone took notice of the back collects, it wasn't a long planned war. Most of us only found out earlier today, so I don't personally think there was any malice intentions. I hit north korea and had no idea he was on a back collect. Not a wise choice this late in the round, but i would have happily waited for him to collect before i dropped some nukes lol. Wasn't expecting quick anarchies anyway, they are rare, especially 2 within 10 seconds. On a funnier note, isn't north korea always shouting about being ready to hit the US? Not so ready as we thought
  13. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    It's TE, surely you are wise enough to know it's not safe to sit around with poor defences when you are mid collection. In all honesty I never even took notice of my targets, i declared and ran attacks quickly. I would never leave myself in that position knowing war could happen at any time. But I do feel for those who have been anarchied before they've collected, that's never a good situation, I just hope they have good warchests still
  14. KingBilly1

    We come in pieces

    Actually, options were limited an competition for targets drove our early declaration. You had enough time to build, in fact more time than we did. I guess you can thank IRON for taking the easy route.
  15. KingBilly1

    War Faces

    Late to your own party bundy.... SURPRISE!!