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  1. [quote name='savethecheerleader' timestamp='1297221030' post='2626491'] *ahem* NPO ARE GONNA REBUILD AND COME BACK AND BE AS BAD AS EVER THEY FAILED TO APOLOGIZE THAT MEANS THEY'LL COME FOR US ALL! It seems to me, sir, that a great many people like this sort of accusation. [/quote] Yeah, there's that one sentence in the DoW that goes something like "Actually, we just want to see them burn." Reading the whole thing, ftw.
  2. [quote name='Platino' timestamp='1295932166' post='2598567'] In Soviet Russia, LoD is loyal, too! [/quote] I definitely fought to ZI in Karma, don't know about you. Guess who didn't, who's a member of your alliance again? Teeters. Not a single pixel lost in Karma, and he joined MK to get out of reps. So why don't you denounce him instead of trying to say I'm not loyal, when I quite obviously was.
  3. [quote name='Corinan' timestamp='1295931785' post='2598509'] It's LUE. They never stopped being LUE. They simply rebranded. [/quote] Actually, I'm still NPO scum.
  4. [quote name='Platino' timestamp='1295931633' post='2598483'] So what MK is proposing is to ''give them a place in the sun'' so they can rule with an iron fist instead of ''us'' as they claim? Interesting. [/quote] In Soviet Russia, MK rule you!
  5. We did. No use posting a taunt when we've already attacked, Cort.
  6. Absolutely not. And my reasoning is because the power isn't entirely based in stats around here, it's based on who knows who, and who is friends with whom. Even if you reset the stats, the power structure would be nearly exactly the same.
  7. [quote name='Rebounder' timestamp='1295231071' post='2578065'] If you'd like to take such a route with your logic, why not say the same thing of the Kingdom? From this thread it is obvious you embrace any military action by a "third party," as you have claimed Anarchy to be, yet what prevents you from taking such action yourselves? As the professed leader of the "New Hegemony," why would you doubt your ability to vanquish our humbly connected alliance? I believe you and I both know the answer to all of these questions, and you can be sure the answers amuse me as much as they frustrate you.
  8. [quote name='Rebounder' timestamp='1295227251' post='2577950'] Surely if we were only a "paper tiger," you would not fear us to the extent that you do. [/quote] Surely, if you weren't a paper tiger, the Order would have attacked MK by now. Pacifica has attacked alliances for much, much less, and the fact that they're not acting on this, a more "solid" CB, as well as apparently supported by some of the public, than the ones they've had in the past, shows that the Order is the one that is scared, not the Kingdom. That said, this simply is a case of Anarch being bored out of his mind and wa
  9. [quote name='Believland' date='10 July 2010 - 07:43 PM' timestamp='1278805409' post='2366357'] I'm sure you won't even miss us during the long hours of training. [/quote] I'll probably miss relaxing at home arguing with people online, since that's so much easier than Bootcamp will be
  10. Tomorrow, I leave to go to Marine Corps Recruiting Depot Parris Island for Bootcamp. I'll be gone for the next 13 weeks. My time in MK has been awesome. I seriously cannot think of an alliance that I'd want to be in more. I have enjoyed my 3 and a half years here on Bob. I have made many friends, and possibly even more enemies. I have regrets and I've made mistakes, but it's been great the entire time I've played. NPO, MK, and my own adventure with Darkstar... it was and is very fun. No matter how many people say this game is dying, I truly do not believe them. The community that makes up
  11. I'm wondering if you'll be able to get a certain buddy of yours to come back and be in Blackstone again, Potface. Although we have disagreed in the past of a number of things, I still wish you good luck with this new alliance of yours, as long as you intend to actually be spy-free.
  12. [quote name='CloudGT4' date='05 April 2010 - 12:33 AM' timestamp='1270441998' post='2248551'] Oh wow.. so its okay for MK to do it.. but it was bad business for NPO, or any of the others.. We see how it is. Good show.. [/quote] Quite honestly, anyone who claims these reps are unjust, "draconian" or harsh simply cannot do math. Take a look at TOPs... If they do 40k a month, it'll take them 6.5 months. That's still ahead of schedule. There's a lot of leeway in these reps.
  13. [quote name='Gunnar Griffin' date='01 April 2010 - 01:14 AM' timestamp='1270098863' post='2243227'] Is this real? [/quote] Yes, yes it is
  14. [quote name='Griff' date='01 April 2010 - 01:06 AM' timestamp='1270098398' post='2243184'] April fools already? [/quote] We're certainly not the fool here, good sir [img]http://thecastlehall.com/boards/Smileys/kickass/finesmug.gif[/img]
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