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  1. checked the thread Control+F "UPN" "Not Found" Imagine wasting your time spying on a nothing like UPN...
  2. Just one more thing MK has done bigger and better than anyone else
  3. I wonder if mik checked with QH for a reference. Just think about how the application might have gone if we had actually had access to these references
  4. while I love the blog, oyababy is sorely underrepresented on this update. you may want to look into the unbelievable destruction he leveled on his targets in his other two wars.
  5. Let's not forget, you're the single reason why Athens changed leadership from Jgoods to me. You're also Athens minister of....something...trades maybe? (in shadow gov)
  6. rsoxbronco1

    Times Have Changed

    writing a blog about it won't change anything. I dunno what set off this particular post lamenting the death of a sense of decency that has never existed, but it's part of the game. That's not to say it should be, but to pretend CN has been a snow white community up until recently is a joke.
  7. In 6 months? We'll probably be rolling someone for spying on us during this war.
  8. but knights of ni obviously invalidates everything else ever. sorry, londo. You aren't a leader! Leaders have ruined the planet, killed off their own environment! Their time is over. It is the towels' turn now.
  9. Like a romantic comedy, the ending warmed my heart.
  10. rsoxbronco1

    RE: CoJ

    As long as I get to post something funny in the apology topic, I support this fight for justice.
  11. So C&G is as responsible for this war as TOP, NpO, or \m/? Assuming we're basing C&G's responsibility off the reasons stated by TOP in their DoW, (trolling/being a threat) does that mean that any declaration automatically makes both parties equally responsible just because the aggressor lists it as their CB? Basically, if C&G were to attack Invicta (pulled out of a hat, let's not read to deeply into this.) on the grounds that we find some of their posters to be openly hostile to our interests and their history of being on opposite sides of global conflicts, does that make them equally responsible for the war?
  12. If only facts were the subject of this blog. I dare to dream. Since I'm a curious fellow, who do you believe is responsible for this war? (not for the duration of the war, the fact that we're still at war, or the fact that you don't like the terms)
  13. It's ok, they yelled, "Surprise!" first.
  14. Attempting to argue that C&G are someone responsible for this is a joke. We didn't like the NpO-\m/ war and tried to stop it from starting. Then we tried to end it. Then we got attacked. Yeah...we're winning so that makes us the bad guys. EDIT: From wikipedia: Draconian as an adjective in English qualifies a rule as being of great severity, deriving from Draco, an Athenian law scribe under whom small offenses had heavy punishments. Welp, Athens believes TOP's attack to not be a small offense, so the punishment isn't draconian. This should end all arguments. :3
  15. You have become the monster.
  16. I don't think the word rogue does Jack justice. And no.
  17. I take Crymson more seriously than this.
  18. Probably this. Jack always comes back to Athens for wars.
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