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  1. Looks like I've got you by a hair scytale: 5,060,898 Attacking + 7,939,265 Defending = 13,000,163 Casualties Ranked #47 of 9,034 Nations (Top 0.52%)
  2. [quote name='WalkerNinja' timestamp='1311209474' post='2760059'] ...I am told that a familiar spirit haunts the Senate chamber... [/quote] Sounds like a job for the Ghostbusters Seriously though, I didn't vote for any of these people.
  3. Twas fun. See you next time FEAR for #4. Edit: It's been so long since I last posted on here my sig is quite out of date. I'll have to do something about that...
  4. As much as I think these CN world map threads are stupid for using a real world map for a fictitious planet, it would be slightly less annoying if the ODN's name was spelled correctly.
  5. Congratulations to the Party on their glorious election results. Still, the lack of a certain Craig makes me a sad burning ball of hydrogen and helium.
  6. In my war of attrition against Arsenal, I have won.
  7. [quote name='crazyisraelie' date='29 April 2010 - 12:24 AM' timestamp='1272515046' post='2279377'] There is no need of a neutral analysis anymore. The logs are real. [/quote] Thanks crazy. I somehow missed that this was a joint statement originally and thought it was coming from RIA alone. Upon re-reading I noticed my mistake and fixed my post. Have fun dealing with him.
  8. So much for a neutral analysis of the situation. That said, assuming those logs are real they are pretty damning. At least this is resolved.
  9. Congrats BACoN on the milestone. kpcurley, your signature makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. Keep it up.
  10. People I think could possibly go first round in no particular order [b](bold are ones I'd specifically try to pick up)[/b]: Ivan [b]Archon[/b] Ejay Doitzel Dilber [b]Arsenal[/b] Ardus [b]Electron Sponge[/b] Delta Tyga Others I would actively try to draft: Penguin SirWilliam Merlin Virillus/Drai (package deal if possible) Kevlar
  11. Sunstar


    Depends on who you talk to. While people like Arsenal may have been opinionated, they didn't speak for all of us. It wasn't like our membership was posting for the sake of posting. The future of our alliance was on the line and we did not have an easy choice. There was widespread division of opinion at the outset, and it wasn't until after a great deal of very thorough and serious deliberation that a decision was reached.
  12. Sunstar


    Your notion of "Arsenal is ODN Dictator!" really has no bearing in truth. At the time, he was Secretary of State; a position without vote or decision making authority. If you are really curious to know, then the decision was made by a Senate vote on April 21st after the issue was thoroughly debated in a 300-post discussion thread by our general membership over the previous two days.
  13. TPE: They Party Extensively. Hence why we like them. Very glad to see this.
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