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  1. checked the thread Control+F "UPN" "Not Found" Imagine wasting your time spying on a nothing like UPN...
  2. Just one more thing MK has done bigger and better than anyone else
  3. I have seen your scars and beheld your commitment, RV.
  4. Just a note, but MK left C&G 3 years before we disbanded. edit: which is a confusing statement since I think I was leading Athens or at least 2nd in command at the time MK left (I can't remember) and didn't join MK until September 2011
  5. Until someone can please point me to an occasion when a C&G member declined to honor their commitment to the bloc, I will find these critiques lacking. I voted in ODN, INT, and GATO and never had reason to regret that decision. Atlas doesn’t even exist anymore and I’m sure they were fine. SLAP has Gaurav and I trust his taste in alliances just as I trust the leadership of C&G to put to bloc first and make good membership decisions.
  6. 10 Years of Complaints & Grievances 10 years ago today, the 7 alliances you can't say on Planet Bob, facing certain annihilation, formed the longest lasting, most influential, and greatest MADP bloc in history. Born into a world of sycophants, hangers-on, and yes-men preoccupied with their individual safety, only the Complaints and Grievances Union looked the NPO hegemony in the eye and said, "No." We knew the world could be a better place. We knew the bonds of friendship and unyielding loyalty were stronger than the shackles and chains of fear. We also knew t
  7. I would like to point out a couple things: 1. Your sweeping generalizations of MK/MQ membership demographics are tragically flawed. You clearly don't know your enemy. I'm sure your work is very important and that the 12 Screen Regal Cinema would grind to a screeching halt without you, but let's not pretend that CN nation building is some arduous task that requires hours of free time every week to accomplish. You're unwilling/unable to commit the time necessary to influence this world through politics. This is the reason you are neutral. 2. Despite the jokes about Hime's Red
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