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  1. For an important seaworthy announcement! The Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes hereby announce the party of the century! tl;dr? SLCB MDoAP w/ Superfriends /s everyone important
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you: The page 6 summary! So early on in this thread, username Slymenstra Hymen demonstrates some quality posting and ruffles the feathers of rank and file lolegionares. They proceed to demonstrate average intelligence for 2 pages! On page 3 The Big Bad makes a debut and (bless his pointed little head) decides to give some history lessons but it seems to be glossed over by the unwashed masses. +1 Big Bad - Love ya buddy - always have. Pages 3.5 - 5 pretty meh. A mediocre Thrash post or two which kinda boost his (rising) favorability rating. Page 5 and onward: Nothing much to see here. In conclusion, let's Make Planet Bob Great Again. Thanks for your continued professionalism!
  3. Yes, that is exactly how that happened. You've got a mind like a steel trap.
  4. I think it's me he's talking about. I'm so awesome. Give me more money.
  5. The Legion is, and always has been, a joke. You're not very good at this. At all.
  6. yes yes i concur rogues are bad. almost as bad as your posting.
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