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Greetings, fellow CyberNations rulers.

The topic I have come to discuss concerns the first choice you made in the development of your nation. Before you decided what trades to make. Before you decided what alliance to join. Before you even decided what government type you would have, and how much money you would spend on infrastructure.

I am curious as to the origin of your name; your ruler name, your nation name, your capital name, even. I doubt all three are random.

To get the ball rolling:

Ruler Name: Oberst Krieger was a character in a World War II pilot video game, Secret Weapons Over Normandy. He is the main antagonist, a German WWII fighter pilot whom the protagonist often encounters and must combat. To those who speak German, the name is a play on words. Oberst means Colonel, and is his rank; Krieger is a last name, but translates as "warrior," and is thus rather ironic.

Nation Name: Bad Harzburg is a small town in Germany, somewhat north of centre. (Take a look at my nation map if you're curious exactly where, the center is in Bad Harzburg.) My school has a partner school in that town, and I was there over the summer, and will be going there again for a year of study abroad next year after graduation.

Capital City: Goslar is a small city in close proximity to Bad Harzburg, and Bad Harzburg is considered to be in the Goslar district.

I am interested in hearing everyone's responses.

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Rerolled under the Germanization program at TGE, more than a year back.

Ruler Name: Alfred von Tirpitz : (March 19, 1849 – March 6, 1930) was a German Admiral, Secretary of State of the Imperial Naval Office, the powerful administrative branch of the Kaiserliche Marine from 1897 until 1916. He is considered to be the founder of the German Imperial navy.

Nation Name: Küstrin : Thats where ol Alfred was born, in the Prussian province of Brandenburg.

CN cant do the ü in Küstrin so it got changed to K252strin

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Ruler name: Aurion - I've used it forever and like it. Can't remember where I originally got it from.

Nation name: Prefecture of Shan - I wanted to avoid something too common like "Empire of" or "Nation of". Not sure where the heck I got Shan from.

Edit: Capital: Gladsheim - Norse reference.

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Ironfist: Have a look at the CyberNations "Game Play" under "About The Game". There's a reference to ruling your nation with "an iron fist". Pretty simple.


Aaranon Empire: I'm a writer, I write. It was central to a plot in a narrative. Indirectly, it's how I got interested in CN.


Tolharek: Again, central to the plot.

^ Where a lot of people get ideas from real life figures and and areas, I tend to draw on things that are important in my own imagination. I guess we all have our styles of creativity.

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Thistledown: Comes from a book, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. The villain is never mentioned by the name in the book, but is only referred to as "the gentleman with thistledown hair." I liked the word, liked the character (I suppose that says something about me), I chose the name.

Nation Name: Lost Hope. In the book, it's the land that the gentleman with thistledown hair rules. It also doesn't help that I was feeling distinctly uncheery at the time.

Capital City: Pity Me. In conjunction with the book again, it's another land mentioned, and it fits with the Lost Hope idea.

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Ruler: Astronaut Jones - Tracy Morgan character from SNL.

Nation Name: Will Smith Empire - because it was the first thing that came to mind after I had come up with Astronaut Jones.

Capital City: Fast Paced Lifestyle - Same reason as above.

Not everyone has a neat story behind their names. Most of them are boring.

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User Name: I used to play Lineage II and after lose my own acc a friend of mine gave me another one and the name of the character was D34th and I played with it for more than an year, as I started to play CN with my Lineage II friends I keep the same name but tried to remove the leet speak, unhappyly Death nickname was already taken and I had to keep D34th(yeah I hate 1337 speak too) :P

Nation Name: I like the Anarchism idea, although it was an utopia.

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Ruler: Caesar833- Caesar comes from Rome and Julius Caesar. I wore the number 8 in high school soccer and 33 in high school basketball back when i played.

Nation: Deacona- My elementary school had a project in 5th grade where you had to "create" your own island. I used the name Deacona for whatever reason and remembered it for this nation

Capital: Pepsi Town- I have an extreme love/addiction to pepsi.

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Ruler Name: Jack Diorno is a name i created when I was younger and didn't like telling people my real name because they always found me on myspace and added me and I never remembered them. I used to go to parties and tell people my name was Jack Diorno and I came from Italy, I even learnt some Italian to convince them. It all went well until I met a real Italian girl, and I was outed, I later changed my fake name to Harry Dixon.

Nation Name: Shireland comes from where I live in RL, a south Sydney area which is referred to as 'the shire', since 'the shire' was taken I used shireland. I wanted to base my nation on the culture of the shire and the hilarity of things that happen here, unfortunately due to gameplay restrictions there wasn't much I could do to distinguish my nation as a shire like nation, all I could really do was close the borders to immigration.

Capital City: Crystal castles is a band i like.

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  • "No religion or mind virus,
    Is there a hope that the facts will ever find us,
    Just make sure that you are looking out for number one"


  • "Rise above the crowds
    Wade through toxic clouds
    Breach the outer sphere
    The edge of all our fears rest with you
    We are counting on you,
    It's up to you"


  • Mundus Metus = World to fear/to be feared

Ruler and Nation name come from lyrics from Muse songs. Capital name is just latin.

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Moth is a name I have been using for almost ten years. It's a random word I decided to use as a name. The addition of "Great Lord, " is a CN exclusive. =O

Xythra is the name of the fabled ancient homeworld in Deadlock II.

Shenanigans is just an awesome-sounding name for a capital city.

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Legendoftheskies is a reference to some fictional character I made up some time ago.

Cumulon refers to where he lives, a smallish country that floats in the sky.

Capital City was just some sky-themed name I came up with, it wasn't really important to me. I don't even remember what it is right now, and I'm too lazy to look.

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I played the Wc3 reign of chaos campaign and saw Chaos Orc. My first account was called Chaos_Tauren, because why the hell not? Chaos Taurens would look badass. Later when I was playing online I wanted to make a clan on there but I already joined one so to avoid the week wait to leave my current one I changed my name, I liked hawks and I kept the name Chaos and stuck it into another name.


MerlinSucks is a name made after Merlin nation sitted the Federation of Kyta and got it deleted on accident. I used Kyta in all 3-4 nations I had in Cybernations because I controlled a nation named Kyta in a role playing game.

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Nation Name: Kashgar, I played a game about the Silk Road and decided that it was a favorable trading location to start a nation.

Ruler Name: The Gulag Archipelago is a book by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in commemoration of his struggles against Soviet Communism and totalitarianism. May he rest in peace.

Capital Name: Ron Paul City in commemoration of Ron Paul's 2008 Campaign and the Campaign of Liberty. I'm a great admirer of Dr. Paul and his conviction in a small central govt.

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Ruler Name: Feanor was a key character from The Silmarillion. He was considered the greatest of the Noldor aswell as the Deep Elves. His name meant Spirit of Fire which summed up the character perfectly. I choose his name because I enjoyed his story even though he had a tragic demise. If there is a Melkor out there in the Cyberverse then TOP is screwed.

Nation Name: The choice of Valinor was a continuation of The Silmarillion theme. It's the home of the Valar and Deep Elves.

Capital City: Formenos was the fortress home of Feanor during his time in Valinor.

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Stonewall Jaxon: The name was thought up by a query with my good friend Sovereign Dixie (anyone remember him?) when I told him I was thinking of rerolling and joining the Vox cause. His suggestion was "StOWNwall Jaxon" but I thought it look too much like St. Ownwall, but I did like the idea of the 'x' in the place of 'ck' so I kept it

The Free Confederacy: obvious

Richmond: Also obvious

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Well..i dont have a cool story about WickedJ. but anyone who knows me knows my first name so thats the J. and the wicked part? well im not from Boston..there was a time in my life (read: high school) when i liked this one band...


Yeah, Violent J..WickedJ...not such a cool story ..

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