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  1. We were browbeaten by the missus. I like that explanation. :o You have already started a war elsewhere, and I realized it the instant I saw your post. Maybe we should've added a clause where you, in particular, agree to stop vandalizing the Baldr War page of the wiki. Your edits are both disingenuous and clumsy. >_>
  2. 1. New Pacific Order 2. Mushroom Kingdom 3. New Polar Order 4. GOONS(the first one) I don't have a 5th entry. I would put DBDC there, but I believe history is not ready to set their impact in stone just yet.
  3. Now now, that is not going to happen. We have an NAP, and the RIA doesn't violate treaties. Even back in the age where NAPs were changing from being a thing to being nearly non-existent, we never disregarded NAPs, we never declared war on an NAP partner due to superseding treaties. I don't think any alliance in CN will argue against the reliability of our word.
  4. Oh please. Besides, the point that most of us are making is that his lack of putting up is cause for him to be shutting up. You should be glad that even your enemies are calling him out on his BS.
  5. It was probably that. :P You know how diplomacy is. I don't think he was intentionally trying to mask the RIA's intentions, he probably just didn't want to say anything more than what needed to be said.
  6. That won't be necessary. I am of course referring to the logs, but I also have the added perspective of internal discussion. I will say that we were definitely not clamoring for peace with DBDC.
  7. Indeed. Even better is when they include unsubstantiated threats. *points at sig* :D
  8. Then give them to the RIA. You are acting as if months of fighting haven't happened at all. Why did you wait until now, two days after the very first alliance to recognize hostilities with DBDC signed an NAP? Why should any of us trust someone so ignorant of the political climate? I still don't buy it.
  9. You have no intention of giving anyone screenshots. I spent 1.5B fighting DBDC over the past month. I personally took over 30k nation strength off of a nuke turtle. There are several more in my alliance who can say the same. We've done our work. You have no intention of giving screenshots to anyone.
  10. Then you will give the screens to those alliances listed, yes?
  11. Guys. Listen. The ship has sailed. You should've started fighting DBDC a loooooooong time ago if you wanted to do anything about them. The easy fix is no more. All that is left is to extirpate the deeply-rooted political foundations they currently rest on. I don't know how to do that. Do you? Your speech was lifted from a famous poem that isn't just about the Holocaust despite that bring the original context. It's a warning to all people of the dangers of complacency, aimed most strongly at the time towards the Germans who obliviously stood by and allowed fellow Germans to be perse
  12. Well I hope you're not DBDC's foreign affairs guy, then. ;>_>
  13. I get the tactic, but it's too much to ask. The value of those screens will diminish over time as interest fades* unless he continues to release more for free. I mean, you're only tempted. I doubt you'd actually do it. *because people are stupid
  14. Sentiments like this are why I don't understand why DBDC isn't super-interested in setting things right with my alliance. >_> The RIA's entire existence has been an uphill battle, from the LUE raids to the first string of losing battles starting with GW3 to the Dave-Grudge War era to now. Anyway, on topic, You will find safety in an alliance willing to fight. You will find security in combat, whether you are defeated or victorious. This is the first condition for safety, for you will find that nothing can drive you to abandon your nation faster than seeing your most beloved alliance
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