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  1. Still somewhat alive

  2. Trium: Skippy, Farrin, Mary the Fantabulous Minister of Foreign Affairs: Iamthey Minister of Internal Affairs: Moufassa Minister of Defence: Charles Stuart Minister of Finance: KublaKhan Minister of Casus Belli Affairs: Dave93 <3
  3. Disappointing to see Bambi out, but Garion is an excellent replacement. Good luck guys!
  4. Good to see Kubla up there, and then I'm saddened that Cyfe has power :/
  5. You were almost cool Valhalla, such a shame :/
  6. Congratulations NPO! Farrin will serve as an excellent Emperor for the New Imperial Order o/
  7. I took the pants back when I took power :awesome:
  8. I would hardly call that wishing NATO well, a smear tactic style of post is quite the contrary I'd say. Situations do change in this world, and whilst I'm sure they greatly appreciated your assistance in the war, the treaty itself is no longer something they feel is necessary.
  9. I do not give permission for NATO to cancel on our mutual ally in R&R, so yeah, no need to speculate.
  10. Good to see this, but sad to see certain people leaving a certain alliance for it. Good luck to you all!
  11. That may be the nicest thing you've ever said about us!
  12. This is a little late, but it was our 3rd birthday on the 6th of April, hurray for us! The main purpose of this announcement is to make note of our new government. Our leader Klinker has had to step down due to RL problems, he will be greatly missed. The following people are our new overlords! Imperial High Commander: Skippy External Imperial Commander: Dave93 Internal Imperial Commander: Htmlmaster Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs: Critters Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs: Da Dreadlord Imperial Officer of Finance: Bagpuss Imperial Officer of Defence: Siberian
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