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  1. Can we go to Dairy Queen afterwards?
  2. I agree here, Fighting in CN is like a kicking contest where whoever has the biggest boots wins, and the only way to acquire boots that are equal to the veterans of the game (have all the wonders & improvements) is to do a grind that lasts two and a half years under perfect conditions. Removing the wait period between purchasing wonders might shave a few months off this grind. And more than a few people do not want to get into unnecessary fights before they get to this stage so this reduces the number of wars and powerplays in the game as a result.
  3. Q is awesome in some of the episodes. The look on Piccard's face is priceless when he wakes up and discovers Q in bed next to him.
  4. No I will be here on the last day, a kind of grim fascination with this place has set in with me.
  5. It's nothing new to me, I keep funny hours of late since my boss in his wisdom decided to give me split shifts.
  6. I put the parts together myself, I can save quite a bit that way rather than just grabbing a prebuilt system. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to put this lot together, but I work slow and read the manual a lot when I am doing this kind of thing since mistakes can be expensive.
  7. I have decided that my laptop simply will not cut it for gaming anymore and since I have been pulling extra shifts at work for the last couple of months I have some money floating around and I have bitten the bullet in a manner of speaking and I am building myself a desktop system again. Here are the parts I am planning on buying: CPU = Intel i5 2500 (3.3 GHz quad core) Motherboard = GigaByte Z68XP-UD3 Memory= 8GB Patriot Viper-Xtreme Div.2 HDD = Seagate SATA 3 2TB (General storage) SSD HDD = Patriot SATA3 PYRO 60GB (solid state drive for windows install, swap file & a few game installs) Video = Gigabyte GTX550Ti PSU = Coolermaster GX Power 750W Case = Coolermaster NV-692A-KWN2 Nvidia Editon Adanced II Optical = LG Bluray combo Monitor = 20' BenQ monitor So tell me what you think, is this a decent selection of parts for a budget gaming computer.
  8. I hope you have other disaster supplies, it could take several days for electricity to be restored to all areas after a disaster. Also you may want to cook your frozen food and pack it in plastic boxes and keep it in an esky (or ice chest or whatever you Americans call them), and if you do not have one of these, use your freezer and refrain from opening too often. This will keep your food fresh & eatable for several days and by then the power will be back. Anyhow best of luck and I hope to see you posting again real soon.
  9. You make it sound like NEW have never fought a tough battle. It is not that NEW has not had tough battles, But that NoR has had more, they been there and seen literally all the ways a war can play out. And they have already strategies in place to deal with most scenarios, and one of these strategies is to have friends & allies (and most of all but often ignored by some, allies who are also friends).
  10. NoR, I know they are extremely well organized and experienced so they would be able to coordinate attacks with greater efficiency and this is a war winning advantage. NEW needs to get out and gather some more experience before they can match NoR in this respect.
  11. Today I got a most unusual request, my mother recently got some money from my stepfather's life insurance and had $300 left over after all the necessary things were taken care of and most uncharacteristically she decided to ditch the antique IBM netvista desktop that has been in her office for the last 10 years (it still works too! I kept it well maintained on my periodic visits) in favor of a brand new machine. So I set off into town with her to see what I could manage to rustle up from the computer store. And I found a ex-demonstrator inspiron 15 Dell laptop that was marked down to $275 (it was the last one!), so now she has a decent machine to surf Facebook with. It is actually quite a decent machine and I have put a couple of games on it as well and they play quite well.
  12. I will always be a monarchy. It's a style thing.
  13. *runs in and takes photos and then runs off* I must obtain one of these devices.
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