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  1. That might be amusing. The first GOONS were cool, the second GOONS were OK but not as good as the first episode , hopefully the final part of the GOONS trilogy will be epic .
  2. I remember those days , CN was much larger back then.
  3. I still have a picture of the Legion flag (Doitzel variant)
  4. This is pretty accurate , I have been in the GPA , NPO & NpO and now I am in IRON. The tides of in game politics push me along from place to place.
  5. There are archives , so it is all good. Besides the precious historical video is still safe.
  6. Can we go to Dairy Queen afterwards?
  7. I agree here, Fighting in CN is like a kicking contest where whoever has the biggest boots wins, and the only way to acquire boots that are equal to the veterans of the game (have all the wonders & improvements) is to do a grind that lasts two and a half years under perfect conditions. Removing the wait period between purchasing wonders might shave a few months off this grind. And more than a few people do not want to get into unnecessary fights before they get to this stage so this reduces the number of wars and powerplays in the game as a result.
  8. Q is awesome in some of the episodes. The look on Piccard's face is priceless when he wakes up and discovers Q in bed next to him.
  9. No I will be here on the last day, a kind of grim fascination with this place has set in with me.
  10. It's nothing new to me, I keep funny hours of late since my boss in his wisdom decided to give me split shifts.
  11. I put the parts together myself, I can save quite a bit that way rather than just grabbing a prebuilt system. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to put this lot together, but I work slow and read the manual a lot when I am doing this kind of thing since mistakes can be expensive.
  12. I have decided that my laptop simply will not cut it for gaming anymore and since I have been pulling extra shifts at work for the last couple of months I have some money floating around and I have bitten the bullet in a manner of speaking and I am building myself a desktop system again. Here are the parts I am planning on buying: CPU = Intel i5 2500 (3.3 GHz quad core) Motherboard = GigaByte Z68XP-UD3 Memory= 8GB Patriot Viper-Xtreme Div.2 HDD = Seagate SATA 3 2TB (General storage) SSD HDD = Patriot SATA3 PYRO 60GB (solid state drive for windows install, swap file & a few game installs) Video = Gigabyte GTX550Ti PSU = Coolermaster GX Power 750W Case = Coolermaster NV-692A-KWN2 Nvidia Editon Adanced II Optical = LG Bluray combo Monitor = 20' BenQ monitor So tell me what you think, is this a decent selection of parts for a budget gaming computer.
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