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  1. I have been around since long before the karma war. This game has become part of my life. I have been part of the GPA , NPO , NpO and IRON and I guess I am happy in IRON since I have been there the longest.
  2. Also CNRP is dead, what is left is a collection of fossilized posts from several years ago. It would be cool if we could reboot that aspect of the game and get it going again.
  3. I remember there used to be around 30k nations.
  4. That might be amusing. The first GOONS were cool, the second GOONS were OK but not as good as the first episode , hopefully the final part of the GOONS trilogy will be epic .
  5. I remember those days , CN was much larger back then.
  6. I still have a picture of the Legion flag (Doitzel variant)
  7. This is pretty accurate , I have been in the GPA , NPO & NpO and now I am in IRON. The tides of in game politics push me along from place to place.
  8. There are archives , so it is all good. Besides the precious historical video is still safe.
  9. Can we go to Dairy Queen afterwards?
  10. I agree here, Fighting in CN is like a kicking contest where whoever has the biggest boots wins, and the only way to acquire boots that are equal to the veterans of the game (have all the wonders & improvements) is to do a grind that lasts two and a half years under perfect conditions. Removing the wait period between purchasing wonders might shave a few months off this grind. And more than a few people do not want to get into unnecessary fights before they get to this stage so this reduces the number of wars and powerplays in the game as a result.
  11. Q is awesome in some of the episodes. The look on Piccard's face is priceless when he wakes up and discovers Q in bed next to him.
  12. No I will be here on the last day, a kind of grim fascination with this place has set in with me.
  13. It's nothing new to me, I keep funny hours of late since my boss in his wisdom decided to give me split shifts.
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