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  1. I am enacting my unilateral Defense Pact with Mogar. Since my spies got caught and all. <3 Edit: With all the peace going around for some odd reason, I don't know who I should attack, so if these Monstrous people would attack me at their leisure that'd be great. I'll get back to you within a day or two most likely.
  2. Well it's hardly a threat. I'm just offering what they already stated they want.
  3. Alrighty. I'll play. Monsters Inc, you can get peace from me when you renounce the idiotic practice of permanent warfare and peace out your wars with the Animals. (Sorry aNimAlzZZ I don't like your alliance, and I don't like Montezuma with his idiotic posts, so consider me an ally merely for the time being.) Refuse my terms and you win permanent war as a prize! WOOOO HOOOO!
  4. Hey, Big Bad Man. <3 I caused some trouble, then got tired of pushing buttons every 24 hours. So tiring. I'm going to take a nap now. Edit: So, I got accepted into Kush? The hell, I was trying to throw that Q&A!
  5. Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne. On a 1,000lb slab of cheese. Meunster.
  6. Sorry, my superior morals and impeccable reputation *cough* preclude me from joining forces with a rakish bunch like Kashmir.
  7. Why would I respond any differently? Espionage is an act of war. I recognized that state of war and acted accordingly. You should be paying me after that date, but whatever! btw, Kashmir, if you'd like to continue just keep me staggered. If you don't, I'll consider the score settled. Does not matter to me. I had some fun, though I doubt you want me running rampant among your lower ranks. Respectful fights all around.
  8. Trust me, the joke happens after he takes you to dinner.
  9. This thread is about Kashmir's unwarranted aggression and the consequences of that aggression. Shallow be thy graves, in Walford's name, Admin
  10. I apologize, sir. At this time it does not appear that you are engaged in combat with a bad &#33;@#&#036;%*. If, at a later date, you find yourself being assaulted by such a beast, do not hesitate to make another request.
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