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  1. If alliances were willing to go to war without calling in their treaties, this could be a way of allowing many conflicts yet not involving a world war
  2. Reziun

    TOP_v_CnG War Web 2.8

    Alright thanks! Wasn't sure if they made peace with Aloha and tR yet, I'll update it
  3. Reziun

    Top_v_CnG War Web 2.7

    Yea its corrections Your on the new one now
  4. Thumbnail link: (for those whose forums might not support 1024x768 format [URL=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/wm28.png][IMG=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/th_wm28.png][/URL] Updated, let me know of any corrections! Its a crazy mess Corrections: TMF peaced out.
  5. Reziun

    Top_v_CnG War Web 2.7

    yea I had some messups I missed, still missed Sparta, and Umbrella's but they are now added
  6. Thumbnail link: (for those whose forums might not support 1024x768 format [URL=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/wm273.png][IMG=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/th_wm273.png][/URL] Sorry its late, didn't realize that Zune and Illustrator CS3 dont work well together Let me know of any corrections, thanks! Edits: GO on NSO TCI on OMFG ViP on Sparta Aloha on TSO, and FEAR FoB on ADI
  7. Reziun

    TOP_v_CnG War Web 2.6

    I use Adobe Illustrator
  8. President Smithep will announce a state of war today. Around 10:00 this morning President Smithep will give the his official and first speech of Aredan going to war. While he did make a quick speech last night when the declaration was officially give and acted upon, he plans on making todays speech a very informative and positive speech to encourage all citizens to support the soldiers during this cause. Thousands of troops, tanks and other military equipment have already been deployed overseas to begin the assaults on opposing nations,while back at home the military has had t
  9. Thumbnail link: (for those whose forums might not support 1024x768 format [URL=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/wm261.png][IMG=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/th_wm261.png][/URL] Updated Most of the wars from 2/5-2/6 Reset Rush Let me know if I missed anything! and Goodnight
  10. Reziun

    TOP_v_CnG War Web 2.5

    Alright I'll fix that along with the next round of wars coming up
  11. Reziun

    TOP_v_CnG War Web 2.5

    Will fix next update, thanks!
  12. Thumbnail link: (for those whose forums might not support 1024x768 format [URL=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/wm251.png][IMG=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/th_wm251.png][/URL] I know this is late (and im sorry ), and there have been some more wars added, this is just a quick summary If ya see anything missing let me know! thanks. Updates: FOK DoW on MCXA, and Echelon. Asgaard DoW on Legion. Seperating LEO into its respective alliances. Marking Peace of Immortal, UCN, TPF, and NEW. Adding CCC, NV, Raven, AI, OV wars.
  13. Gideon Medical (GiMed) is proud to announce a new program. With the recent wars and the call for medical assistance in thousands of nations Gideon Medical of the Aredan Nation has vowed to create a new program to provide medical assistance for nations in need of aid. Doctors of Critical Situations (DoCS), as the new program is called strive to give the best assistance to any affected nation. The doctors, nurses, medicine and all other staff and equipment are dedicated to providing this aid equally and unbiased to any nation requesting their assistance. GiMed spokeswoman Elyan Gieston a
  14. Reziun

    TOP_v_CnG War Web

    I'll change that next update, While they aren't seperate wars, its easier to split the map that way, I just consider it two fronts.
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