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  1. If alliances were willing to go to war without calling in their treaties, this could be a way of allowing many conflicts yet not involving a world war
  2. [quote name='Corinan' timestamp='1280365347' post='2393204'] 56) Christian Coalition Of Countries: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? Disband. [/quote] HE is alive and well
  3. [quote name='Seth Muscarella' date='24 May 2010 - 02:53 AM' timestamp='1274684002' post='2310021'] Nice, this thread couldn't be complete without a load of out of context Bible verses as some sort of clever banter. Good luck to the NCO for wanting an alliance with a community brought together by similarities outside of Bob. [/quote] I definitely agree with the extremely out of context Bible verses, kinda disappointing to see. Anyhow, Good luck Keys! hope all goes well
  4. Reziun

    TOP_v_CnG War Web 2.8

    Alright thanks! Wasn't sure if they made peace with Aloha and tR yet, I'll update it
  5. Reziun

    Top_v_CnG War Web 2.7

    Yea its corrections Your on the new one now
  6. Thumbnail link: (for those whose forums might not support 1024x768 format [URL=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/wm28.png][IMG=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/th_wm28.png][/URL] Updated, let me know of any corrections! Its a crazy mess Corrections: TMF peaced out.
  7. Reziun

    Top_v_CnG War Web 2.7

    yea I had some messups I missed, still missed Sparta, and Umbrella's but they are now added
  8. Thumbnail link: (for those whose forums might not support 1024x768 format [URL=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/wm273.png][IMG=http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo334/kpudz/CyNat/th_wm273.png][/URL] Sorry its late, didn't realize that Zune and Illustrator CS3 dont work well together Let me know of any corrections, thanks! Edits: GO on NSO TCI on OMFG ViP on Sparta Aloha on TSO, and FEAR FoB on ADI
  9. Reziun

    TOP_v_CnG War Web 2.6

    I use Adobe Illustrator
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