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  1. Thank you for the time and consideration you put into posting a reply! Again, I appreciate the effort and time you have put into your blog, and thank you for sharing with the community! I look forward to your conclusion!
  2. Dear Tevron, I was going to wait to hear your conclusions before commending you on a most interesting blog. Kudos to you! Thank you for your bravery in sharing your honest analysis! You really do stand out and deserve recognition and appreciation! I don't understand exactly what you mean by "moralist" or "ex-moralist". I was wondering if I could ask you for a Hegelian dialectic analysis of what you mean. If moralists are the thesis, what is the anti-thesis and synthesis of the two? Thank you providing the opportunity to help clarify what morals are and who has morals and who doesn't. I look very forward to your overall conclusions! Good job and keep sharing! In friendship, Fen
  3. The State of Unified Nations has the great honor to announce to the international community the formalization of many years of friendship and common interest with The Legion. We look forward to growing closer in the years to come as we come together as kindred and common defenders of freedom and sovereignty. I personally would like to thank the officers from each alliance who worked together to make this treaty possible and the leadership of The Legion for their extra support. Legio Solis Preamble The Legion and The State of Unified Nations have demonstrated friendship and goodwill towards one another for some time. Each alliance has a publicly stated policy of non-aggression without provocation and to promote this spirit of friendship and recognition of mutual values hereby enter into this treaty. Article One: Sovereignty and Mutual Respect Both of the signatory alliances and their respective member nations recognize and will respect each other's sovereignty and political independence. The government of each alliance will do their utmost to aid in the protection of each other’s individual sovereignty and freedom as an alliance. Article Two: Peaceful Co-operation The signatories will develop good co-operation between them to ensure lasting security. They will refrain from espionage and the threat or use of force against each other and will settle all disputes between them by peaceful diplomatic means. Both signatory alliances shall be resolute in their insistence that their respective members remain polite and civil to each other at all times, especially in public forums and other public venues. Article Three: Communication In signing these protocols, both signatory alliances recognize that communication and Intelligence is the foundation for a strong and enduring relationship and that there is mutual benefit for both alliances when open communication and intelligence between them is maintained. To that end, both signatory alliances agree to productive two-way, inter-alliance communication and the sharing of Intelligence. Article Four: Defense This Provision hereby dictates that under any circumstances if either of the undersigned finds itself attacked by a foreign power, the opposite signatory to this agreement is, upon request, encouraged to join in war against the foreign aggressor. The attacked signatory of this agreement maintains the right to waive such assistance. Article Five: Cancellation Either signatory alliance may terminate this compact at any time by providing the other signatory alliance with a 48-hour notice of intent to terminate. Signed, on behalf of The State of Unified Nations, Fen Dorbek, SUN Emperor EricG95, Imperial Minister dawg66, Minister of Defense revanfios, Minister of Development Lord Bubba, Minister of Internal Affairs President Ron, Minister of Communication PSpiz, First Emperor Emeritus Relapse, SUN Senator Signed, on behalf of The Legion, Deathbiter, Imperator happy5214, Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs Lord Windmark, Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs Killer04, Elected Imperator Emeritus Watcher, Imperator Emeritus
  4. The Grand Lodge of Freemasons have attacked The Templar Knights. Pursuant to The Light of the World II treaty, The State of Unified Nations declares war against GLOF. For The State of Unified Nations, Fen Dorbek, SUN Emperor Ericg95, Imperial Minister dawg66, Minister of Defense revanfios, Minister of Development CybernationFreak, Elder and Senator Relapse, Elder and Founder nerses96, Elder
  5. Congratulations to great allies on 9 wonderful years! See you next year!
  6. The State of Unified Nations is greatly honored and elated to share Mutual Defense and a Common Good with the outstanding rulers of The Templar Knights. May we uphold the Light of the World to the end of Time! I would personally like to think Brataslavia for his outstanding professionalism in service to our joint community and express my great esteem for The Templar Knights on the whole for their strong values, their goodwill and their charity of heart! o/TTK
  7. Congratulations and best wishes to both alliances. :)
  8. The SUN is honored to have TTK as our friends for so long and now to be brothers. o/ TTK
  9. Congratulations to, my friend, President Hardin, and best wishes for success to Seven Days in the Sun!
  10. Congratulations to my friends in Invicta and NADC! Can't help but to think of the hymn "Hine Ma Tov"! "Hine ma tov u’ma-nayim Shevet ach-im gam ya-chad" (loosely translated: "Behold, how good that brothers should dwell together in unity")
  11. The State of Unified Nations recoginzes a state of war with Kashmir and The JavahouseLeague. Unlike the first attack against our peaceful alliance, at least this attack serves a obvious purpose to benefit the attacking alliances, and SUN fully expects the ending terms of this war to finally settle important questions for our future on the Yellow team together such as: Is it acceptable to message member nations of other Yellow alliances with offers of trade circle management without permission of the sovereign government of the alliance being messaged? What are minimal standards for Yellow team alliances in regard to the use of sanctions during times of war? If we, through the course of war, we can resolve these issues, then we have a chance for peaceful coexistence on Yellow in the future.
  12. The State of Unified Nations hereby recognizes the attack by Doombird Doomcave against our nation as an act of war. We are a peaceful and non-aggressive alliance, and nothing we have done have warranted this attack. We have the right to exist and contribute to this world, but when put to task - we will fight until we survive, or are destroyed, for our right to peacefully exist in this community.
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