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  1. I am happy to see this. Truly! Congratulations to leadership for putting this together.
  2. The counts have jumped up by approximately 100 since NPO and IRON have ended their most recent siege actions. Inactive players seem willing to return right now.
  3. Terminator: I'll just sit back and take my own advise. Besides, staying out of the mud with that idiot gives me time to reflect on his incredible, albeit fantasy, world of super model wives, vast ranch lands, etc. Questions? Just 'check the logs'.... 😄
  4. Re: Terminator -> Arguing with an idiot can be time consuming and mentally draining. Arguing with an idiot is a lot like a saying my dad used to tell me, "Never wrestle with a pig, you'll both get dirty and the pig will enjoy it." In other words, don't argue with an idiot, you both look stupid and the idiot enjoys it. You can substitute "Terminator" for "idiot" without reservation....
  5. I agree with this statement. It is remarkable how many talented people it takes to move a process and project forward. Now is the time to recognize those that have been working to keep CN engaged and active.
  6. I actually agree with Canik. It appears that at least some in NPO, FTW, and NG are circling a real discussion. For that, I am thankful. Being antagonistic at this point really isn't helpful in getting a meaningful dialog to move forward. There will always be time for trash-talk and trolling in the OWF, etc. But, right now, I would offer that a cooler approach would be most beneficial to all. I speak only for me and not for Non Grata in general, but, I support and respect the dialog and approach sketched out in the Discord chat between Stewie and Joe Black. Thank you both.
  7. Canik: Show me some source for your claim of offering a white peace to Non Grata. I don't remember EVER seeing such an offer. Make that offer again. I suspect that it would get the proper consideration that it is due. SemperFidelis
  8. It happened in December 2019: https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/132855-no-nuke-purchased-reset/ It was supposedly fixed then. That was not the first time, or even the second time. During the last 20+ months of war with FTW, NPO, etc, I have been blocked from buying nukes on multiple occasions. 12 HOURS after initial report and still no comment, reply, or solution from the admin or mods. Very frustrating. And, it undermines the credibility of the game and its leadership.
  9. It would appear that alliances attacking Non Grata are exempt for this nuke purchase "embargo". Nukes for anyone attacking NG. NO NUKES for NG to defend itself. NPO nations also apparently have no issues: tejuguasu (tejuguasu) of the Red team of the alliance New Pacific Order purchased a nuclear weapon on 2/12/2020 6:19:45 AM. The nation of tejuguasu now has 25 nuclear weapons. Republic of Eurasia (Razgriz90) of the Red team of the alliance New Pacific Order purchased a nuclear weapon on 2/12/2020 5:20:08 AM. The nation of Republic of Eurasia now has 24 nuclear weapons. Anselion (Kayla Frost) of the Red team of the alliance New Pacific Order purchased a nuclear weapon on 2/12/2020 12:58:47 AM. The nation of Anselion now has 20 nuclear weapons.
  10. Based on a quick review of the "Nuclear Purchases" tab of the game, it is CLEAR that the leader of FTW is not affected by this problem. Considering that FTW is at war with Non Grata, I'd suggest that this is a significant problem for NG. "Tiny Nation (Canik) of the White team of the alliance Freehold of The Wolves purchased a nuclear weapon on 2/12/2020 12:01:58 AM. The nation of Tiny Nation now has 17 nuclear weapons. "
  11. Here it is, 7 minutes after update, with 100+ tech, 1,000+ infra, sufficient cash, and the system reports that "You have already purchased your limit of nuclear weapons today. Your scientists are exhausted and demand a day of rest. Come back tomorrow. " How do we get this resolved?
  12. Oh.... So NOT helpful! 🙂 Simply be a gentleman and offer to nuke her some, at no charge or obligation! Or, maybe, a few well coordinated ground attacks? Just in the name of HELPING the Lady get to her goal?
  13. A WHOLE lotta pixels got sacrificed on the alter of ego. I congratulate FTW on their new flag free of confusion as to origins or intents. A little peace would be good for all involved. Congratulations to all involved for surviving this little dust-up. May the nations we all lost return to their folds for recognition and rebuilding on Planet Bob.
  14. From where I stand, the new flag should be celebrated. Its a banner to unite FTW without the shadows of doubt surrounding its source or meaning. I, for one, look forward to FTW moving forward along their own path while NG and her members pull together under their own flag and begin a new history on Planet Bob.
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