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  1. Joe, Joe, Joe... You had untruths and lies to the story of your life. For the first half dozen or so battles with FTW, I never, no, not ever, attacked an FTW nation. Canik (and you apparently) sought me out, ordered FTW nations to attack without cause, and continued to do so. You and Canik lost BIG once I started returning the war you. Revisionist history is not history.
  2. Said the man whose nation has been a dumpster fire for months.... no cash, no real infra, no real anything, except the steady loss of nation strength. Oh, and the perpetual begging of welfare from FTW nations.
  3. There can be no more tangible proof of the FAILURE of Canik and his FTW leadership than this Declaration. FTW's allies have firmly cemented into Cyber Nation History their recognition and acknowledgement that Canik is an absolute lost cause and failure as a leader, as a player, and as a man. Each day, we will move forward defending ourselves with honor and completely secure in the knowledge that we are on the Righteous Path to our destiny and our own history. Each day, we will look upon the wars declared, battles fought, and casualties accumulated as daily reminders of Canik's failures immortally engraved on the history of this game. Deus Vult!
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