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  1. Farewell, my brother. It was an absolute pleasure.
  2. We extended a hand of friendship to our historical rival. We've never done anything remotely like that in the past, so that was a huge change for us. Perhaps you misunderstood people when they said we wanted to do something different. Surely you didn't think we had an idea to radically change the nature of this world. That is laughable. Also, I was being cute and for good reason. You acted as if you had forseen the polar-top treaty before the two alliances had even considered the idea. It's easy to say you've seen something coming after the fact, try and predict something radical before it happens and people might not mock you.
  3. Who is going to save this world from the evil Paradoxian Empire? Whatever happened to that pink elephant?
  4. What alliances are lining up to aggressively assault Paradoxia and her friends?
  5. Recycling old MK propaganda. Atleast be creative and make up something new.
  6. What are our numbers? Your spewing has me intrigued.
  7. So weve found out that TOP's going to attack IRON & GPA next war. I find out more about my alliances intentions from NG members on the OWF than from internal discussions!
  8. NG intends to actively assist whoever is hostile to our allies and friends once this war is complete? This is good information to know.
  9. Fair enough, you got rid of the worst of those two plotters. I and others look forward to what you have planned for the other.
  10. You only sign treaties with friends right? How's that IRON treaty working out for you?
  11. You didn't understand the pre-war environment at all. What makes you think you can predict the post-war one?
  12. Describe what will happen if you sign a piece of text that's has the word surrender in it.
  13. Please remove DoD/Umbrella/VE from your comments. We don't like to share the bad boy points.
  14. It appears they have fully bought into the idea of us being the puppet master behind all of their misfortunes.
  15. This is what I was talking about! I love the singular focus you have going on.
  16. If only your alliance, allies, and coalition mates were as great of a warrior as you then yall would have won this war!
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