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  1. Thinking an E-Peen contest with lots of exaggerations for the sake of vanity.
  2. Peace love and happiness.
  3. [quote name='Enamel32' timestamp='1340557112' post='2994544'] Don't bother As I said, you can't change TOP's opinion, and they seem to have might makes right on their side [/quote] We paid with cash, you must pay the IRON price now.
  4. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1339972283' post='2986669'] The fact that TOP, Umbrella and MK members constantly mock SF/XX for going to peace mode while their own alliances are doing exactly the same thing is extremely amusing to see. [/quote] Sparta's the new Legion...what'd ya expect?
  5. [quote name='Starfox101' timestamp='1339955270' post='2986520'] Yeah, attacking neutrals takes massive balls. [/quote] Been gone a while Starfox? I mean, being an outer fringe of a coalition hitting GPA almost four years ago is what defines TOP in your eyes?
  6. [quote name='Tiber Septim' timestamp='1339861094' post='2985800'] Did anyone ever explain to him the error of his ways? I assumed he was just saying "Zeal" as a weird way of trying to pronounce ZI... [/quote] I believe it was brought to his attention several times, but he is so zealous about his argument it keeps going over his head.
  7. [quote name='Spaarlaamp' timestamp='1339157849' post='2979326'] I hate it when a DoW is implied but it turns out to be a stupid treaty. [/quote] THIS
  8. This type of action makes this planet smaller in more ways than one.
  9. [quote name='Freddy' timestamp='1337008746' post='2967345'] All the minor personality differences can be set aside for a treaty that is militarily expedient. Bottom line is this treaty is no longer expedient. Feelings haven't changed, a military goal has been set in motion and this cancellation clears the way. Nothing more, nothing less. So, let's stop speculating on what happened and speculate more on what will happen. Is it VE directly? Or someone they are tied to? [/quote] Feelings have changed,it's that simple. But if believing yourself makes you feel "bliss"... so be it.
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