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  1. It was fun to watch Polars cry about this for the first few months or so, but at this point it's getting kind of annoying. Now I don't follow RandomInterrupt's line of reasoning on this. Personally I believe that because any thread involving a Polar treaty or Polar change of government necessarily affects the circumstances involving their foretold destruction, that it's fair play to remind them of that fact. So if they change ministers or emperors or whatever--IMO--posts like the following are fine: "More disreputable people assuming some of the most discredited positions in the world." "So these are the people that you want to formally disband your alliance? Great!" "Never trust a Polar Emperor. You're gonna f-----' die b------!" It's germane to the topic at hand, and a relevant observation. Similarly if a treaty is being downgraded/cancelled I think it's a valid perspective to assume that the negative PR that they've brought on themselves and dim future prospects of the blue colony had something to do with that downgrade/cancellation. Even in something as non-political as the Sanction Race has political consequences since TOP is mainly waiting to have enough Polar targets in range, and the more Polar grows the more targets come available. TOP elections have to do with Polar since the outcome of every election in TOP is in someway influenced by a deeply held sentiment that the Blue Colony needs to die. Threads whose topics are purposely left to be determined by responders (press conferences anyone?) are suitable for Blue Colony discussion. But does every topic need to be about Polar? In a word, no. Declarations of existence of obscure alliances that will likely fold in the next six months don't have anything to do with Polar (unless they are a Polar protectorate). Legion elections do not have to do with Polar. NPO long since stopped being associated with their Blue Colony, so their topics should be off limits too. TOP's government and Chancellery members have already encouraged their our members to avoid de-railing threads pointlessly. Hopefully things will get better on our end. Our people aren't the only ones doing this though, and so I thought it was appropriate to make a public blog post on this topic as a special message to everyone that wants to get smug every time they see the color blue. My special message is this: Give it a rest. When it's a valid topic of discussion, fine. But understand that there are some threads (and they're more numerous than you might think) where Polar's dishonesty, dismal recent record, and imminent destruction are not valid themes for discussion. Thank you.
  2. The first beer nominations are already rolling in folks! Don't let your favorite summer beer get left out!
  3. Barring the sudden resumption of global hostilities, you might be asking yourself, "What in the world can I do to maintain my interest in this dying game?" The Order of the Paradox has your cure for the Summer peace-time blues! The Beer Hall (link) Aside from the regular spammy nonsense, you'll find that we have a number of sub-forums and summertime specials to cater to your every need (not really, but hey). The Library (link) Last month's book Alas, Babylon while thoroughly enjoyed by all of our library patrons has failed to spark the same interest that past titles have. Instead most of the activity has seemed to focus on comparing our inaugural book-of-the-month A Game of Thrones to the new HBO mini-series of the same name. As you can see, opinions vary widely: Come on by, join in the discussion and help us pick a book that will inspire similar controversy for May! Role Playing Games (link) Vampire: The Masquerade The TOP VtM game continues on, but currently at a snail's pace. As I understand it a new player is waiting in the wings to join, but the plot needs to advance to a point where the Storyteller can fit him in. Isn't RL a !@#$%*? Dungeons & Dragons? Bodvar mentioned that given the increased interest in our role-playing forum that we ought to start a D&D game. After extensive debate over editions, the core four have decided to go rogue and pick up an off-brand version of D&D called Fantasy Craft. I'll have to say that in my multi-decade experience in Role-Playing games, few systems have excited me like this one. It's got your basic d20 OGL core rules, but adds all new classes, a few of the rule variants that I love, skill-based magic, diversity, the ability to customize, relative simplicity, and (above all) BALANCE. If you look in the RPG forum you can hunt down the link where you can download the game free. How to Join Not so fast, bub. Yes, I've (in theory) committed to running some play-by-post D&D, but I've got a whole new system to run, and there's an entire world to be built. I don't know about you, but World Building is one of my *favorite* things. This month I intend to begin a collaborative world-building exercise to establish an official TOP campaign setting for future TOP D&D games. Those that contribute meaningfully in this process I will guarantee a place for in the upcoming game. Please head to the World Building Topic in the RPG subforum of the Beer Hall for updates and information. Beer Reviews (link) The Beer Reviews continue to trickle softly in, and froth with good information on all manner of brew. For the summer, ZactheSage and I have dreamed up a special challenge: Summer Six Pack 2011. Go Go Go! Paradoxian Enclave (link) Unfortunately all of our AAR's are on hiatus pending finals (Rommel) and re-rolls (Noriko). That's all I've got for now! Have you been to the Beer Hall? Post about your experience here!
  4. In the Paradoxian Beer Hall there is a newly dedicated subforum for beer reviews. Since our coming out party, there has been a flurry of activity from across the cyberverse. While many drink and post, it's becoming quite clear that there is only one Tyrant of the Tavern. Zac the Sage accounts for fully 2/3rds of the threads in this particular subforum. His strategy for beverage success involves building his own six packs at the local grocery store and so sampling a wide variety of drinkables in a relatively short period of time. Zac is also known to take notes on his drinking experiences so as to accurately report them to the crowd at the Paradoxian Beer Hall. Here is one of his earlier reviews. While others may surpass him in the eloquence of their reviews, Zac the Sage is the undisputed maharajah of mead, the potentate of porter, and the sultan of suds. Pop open a bottle and swing on by!
  5. If you do not participate in the May discussions, I shall be very sad and think bad things about you.
  6. At the end of each month we take nominations for the following month. When some nominees are decided on, we vote. Last month we did Fantasy, and that's sort of our bread and butter, so we made a promise to ourselves to choose a book without dragons in it this time. Someone got smart and proposed the Way of Kings (which is Fantasy, but has no dragons, afaik), but diversity triumphed in the electoral college.
  7. Welcome to Temporal Paradox where I will tell you how people are spending their free time on our forums. The Library Reading of A Game of Thrones has ended, and the discussion has begun! There are several AGOT topics to choose from in the library including one wherein we try to one-up HBO's casting. Stop by and have fun. If Fantasy isn't exactly your cup of tea, you might enjoy the April/May book of the month Alas, Babylon. Reading will take place this month with discussion occupying in May. Role Playing Games In the main forum there is some increased activity as several members of a dragon-themed alliance stop by to discuss their passion for Dungeons and Dragons. In the sub-forums, our only active game remains Richard Rahl's Vampire: The Masquerade. VtM continues on hiatus as two new non-paradoxian persons make character for the campaign. If you think that you have a character-concept that out-does theirs, make sure to e-mail it so that you can have their spot! Rumor: I hear that some folks are talking about getting a D&D game together. Beer Reviews The Beer Reviews are positively frothing and flowing (every pun I make is intended). After a slew of Indian Pale Ale (IPA) reviews, a discussion regarding the merits of dark beers versus light beers has arisen. If I said that I'm a fan of Corona with Lime, will I be in trouble? Paradoxian Enclave Noriko continues dominating the world with a radically re-imagined Imperial Japanese Army. Rommel comes up with a mixed bag as the fully Z-Plan'd Nazi Germany. He dominates their navy, but is as embargoed as a prostitute seen walking out of an AIDS clinic. Bodvar has started a new attempt at German unification, but his rusty EUII skills are showing. Feanor is going to bring the pain as some obscure country... so he says. That's what's going on with us, what did your alliance do this week?
  8. We're talking about exactly the same thing. Grub went to MK and told them that we were planning to attack in support of NpO's position. MK prepared their side for the coming assault. One of those preparations was the timely acceptance of white peace that coincided with our DoW so as to cut what was one war into two distinct wars: one which was over, and one which had just begun. Ingeniously played by MK. We were so impressed that we became their ally afterward. NpO? The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers.
  9. I need to point this out for accuracy: Characterizing the Stab in the Back as a screw-up is ridiculous. Polar didn't trip over an \m/ corpse and the knife happened to land in our backs. Polar went against its immediate interests and the interests of the philosophy that it was representing to plant a K-bar firmly in our collective spine. And since I am a TOP member posting about BiPolar, Grub will invariably show up and say one of the following lines: 1. It wasn't Polar, it was ME! 2. Your continued whining is pathetic. Preemptive Response 1: The Emperor is the alliance. Quit trying to save your people, Moses. Preemptive Response 2: Not nearly as pathetic as any Polar war effort in living memory.
  10. WalkerNinja

    Stop pluralizing it.

    No, I seriously do. Most ODNers from 2 years ago would tell you that I often entertained thoughts of joining the big "P" but it's sort of lost its mystique. It has been somehow degraded in my perception. But I'm probably just speaking for myself. Anyway, are you excited as I am about AMoL coming out this fall?
  11. WalkerNinja

    Stop pluralizing it.

    Moridin, I think that you misunderstand the intention behind the use of this label. We all wish that NpO still acted in unison with the NPO. Both alliances were much much much better when they were together. Apart, both seem aimless and small minded. Perhaps Ivan can reunite them for Christmas next year and bring back the real Orders?
  12. I'm not sure that going back and systematically repenting of each and every sin is exactly what Mpol was talking about there, Haf. And besides, when people want to kill you and you're making your plans to go and change their mind about that, you tend to prioritize people that actually could kill you over those that are just emo hand-wringers. In fact, after you patch stuff up with the former, you can pretty much just get together with your new buddies and laugh at the latter.
  13. Do I even need to say anything here?
  14. It's amazing how alliances will act one way when they have nothing to lose. Once they have something to lose they promptly forget the tools that they used to get it in the first place.
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