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  1. I would take it as a kindness if someone would try though.
  2. It's 90% sadness in reference to a state of existence where everyone's idea of a good time is sitting in a large circle in the playground, watching tywin eat poop from the sandbox. The other 10% comes from the knowledge that in all my years here, in those moments I've remembered that tywin exists and has made his way on a target list, the amount of effort it would take to actually get in his range has always exceeded my interest in feeding him his own liver.
  3. First I went "Oh look, a thread with more then ten pages. Something is happening!" Then I went "Oh... it's just one of Junka's threads." Nevertheless undeterred I read the first page in hopes of something... anything. Now I'm here at the end...and I'm sad.
  4. Nobody in the history of this strange little world has ever had a more valid roll-out. Eat their faces, NG. Wear them as hats.
  5. I am here to lend my support to whatever is upsetting junka.
  6. I graciously accept this appointment. As my first act of office I hereby abolish the ranks of Regent and Imperial Officers. In their place I will elevate an elite group of Pacificans as Blackadders, henceforth tasked with the duty to seek out and remove all ponies, hugglers, and other such vermin from the ranks of the New Pony Order. My your gods have mercy on your souls. Red Emperor Primary Color
  7. You're delusional if you think people have ever played CN because of it's innovative and engaging game mechanics. You're also delusional if you think injecting money or innovation in a game like this would have ever saved it. People played this game because of the people playing this game. Those people had goals and stories to tell. They worked to develop levels of intrigue and interest strong enough to keep the rest of us that were there playing the strangest Co-Op Excel Spreadsheet ever experienced. It didn't matter who was on top or how strong a hold they had on the game. People used to call that motivation to 'do something about it'. They were able to coordinate and plan wars and drama that were interesting enough to keep people checking their nations and putting in insanely long hours of work trying to build better and better organization systems within their own communities. Now all we got are those systems, and no one active left who knows how to do anything but build them. Some of us may have been there, when they were, but apparently none of us have the skill set or give-a-damn necessary to make anything genuinely interesting out of what remains. The game is dead because no one thought to teach enough of the following generations of a player driven game how to drive the game forward. And that's probably for the best. I'd rather remember the fun I had then try to shoot this place up with adrenaline.
  8. I personally think all surrender options should be taken off the table strictly because you're still using Photobucket.
  9. I always thought I was special for having almost double the attacking casualties that Hime does whilst never having a nation above 60k. Imagine my disappointment in learning casualties are irrelevant. I've also never had someone rogue me that decided not having soldiers to win GAs was a good way to rogue. That must be something that only happens to really smart people. But, the Hime Nuke Watch has informed me we're at six nukes left and we're all fixing to witness how the last five will never run out cause of the magic HNMS. We're gonna learn today.
  10. I don't know if eejack was trying to make a subtle Q joke, but I laughed at it anyway. This may or may not make me a bad Pacifican.
  11. Yes. For the next round or two at the most you'll have a big scary nuke bomb. When you waste about five-ten nukes in a single round the next time someone's SDI has a lucky day, please revisit this thread.
  12. Also, I wouldn't worry about them spying away your last few nukes. Here's how SDIs work in case you missed it last time you looked at war wonders.
  13. They're called defeat alerts snookums. Destroyed tech is still bled tech.
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