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  1. [quote name='Chintan' timestamp='1343805329' post='3017469'] The moon hotspot should be at: (67, -1) URL Segment: lon=-1&lat=67 Someone please try it and post whether it works. [/quote] This works, 100%. Thanks!
  2. [quote name='John Diesel' timestamp='1340073137' post='2988168'] Tell that to an actuary... [/quote] Because it's totally the same thing
  3. [quote name='kingly' timestamp='1339912260' post='2986327'] i have extrapolated the data above, and it doesn't look good [/quote] You realise statistics don't read the future, right?
  4. [quote name='Nikita Ilyich Lenin' timestamp='1339784455' post='2985038'] You can expect our DoW on IRON by update [/quote] At least it would be following the current trends.
  5. [left] [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1339649434' post='2982895'] [/left][url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-oZ4Bug_zA"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=H-oZ4Bug_zA[/url] [i]This one for the people in House Baratheon[/i] [/quote] [left] [/left]That was glorious.
  6. [quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1337040563' post='2967517'] To me, talking about aid slots like discussing whose paint dries quicker. [/quote] Mine does.
  7. [quote name='Mada Vopahsolog' timestamp='1336530783' post='2965376'] The values provided work, thank you. Question: Are the hotspots the same for Colonies and Mines? [/quote] Yes.
  8. [color="black"][/color][quote][color="black"][i]Symphony[/i][/color] : Streak without a loss passes 20 days (0.28)[/quote] I wonder if we've got the record for most 0.00 days in a row?
  9. [quote name='Lusitan' timestamp='1336634736' post='2965754'] The question is, can you keep it up? [/quote] Bet they hear that a lot.
  10. Thanks. Works for me, too.
  11. [quote name='senatorhung' timestamp='1335682560' post='2960698'] MK is already sanctioned according to the drop-down box, but if we follow 'convention', they must hold it for 10 days before NpO, RnR, and the Legion lose their sanctions. 2 days in the drop-down, 2 new ghosts. lovely [/quote] Have you guys contacted admin about removing your name from the drop-down? I think he was going to take requests.
  12. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1335664756' post='2960621'] [b]Commentary[/b]* Not that it's a huge issue now, but should the [color="green"][b]Viridian Entente[/b][/color] lose another member before tomorrow's stat collection, that will be the first time that we've had fewer than 12 sanctioned alliances. [/quote] Apologies if this has already been explained, but with the nation limit removed for sanction, when is it likely to shift over into the race?
  13. [quote name='Incitatus' timestamp='1335604293' post='2960367'] Not even sure if they know about these forums... Seriously...at least GPA posts. Not sure what good WTF has contributed to Bob's well-being. [/quote] Well, they've kept to themselves and enjoyed their own community more than this one. So nothing, really. But I bet you they don't care.
  14. Remove GOONS from that list, then. I've got no problem with them, but if that's how the system apparently works. Pretty disappointing that the "game" as come to this.
  15. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1334467906' post='2953640'] Oh jesus christ. [/quote] I suppose... he isn't mandatory though.
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