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  1. I have aluminum+iron on black. Send me trade offers. :)
  2. $3m/50, will send on time. Fill my aid slots with Dongs, Viluin's national currency, and you shall receive tech!
  3. This reminds me of the old InvisionFree forum, lol.
  4. [quote name='Thalayk' timestamp='1348647097' post='3034262'] Go to the forums. Try there. Present your case without any self-righteousness and with full remorse. It won't help that you've already started this topic here, but your persistence may be enough if you stop and complaining and pay SOME sort reparation. Try negotiating the price of reparations. Do SOMETHING other than continually bash people here for not solving your problem for you. [/quote] Already did that, I am currently waiting to hear how high those reps would be.
  5. [quote name='Thalayk' timestamp='1348630444' post='3034168'] He hasn't even come to the negotiating table? Maybe I missed it, but I have no desire or intention to read 33 pages of this stupidity just to see if you've tried actually negotiating with them. I don't pretend to know your life, but maybe you [i]should[/i] quit and spend some more time IRL because you obviously don't grasp the concept of personal responsibility. [i]You[/i] attacked without provocation, [i]you[/i] reap the consequences. If that's too hard for you to understand after 33 pages, nobody here can help you, so just quit.
  6. [quote name='the rebel' timestamp='1348609335' post='3034055'] Oh please don't attack NpO's allies, for I couldn't take seeing this topic jump up another 30 pages of you complaining that alliance x/y/z is keeping you in permi war because you attacked them and they won't give you white peace either. [/quote] It's not like the current situation can get any worse. If I feel like I'll never get peace I am more than capable of making things even crazier than they already are.
  7. [quote name='BKNorton3' timestamp='1348600290' post='3034009'] I guess I do think that Polaris may be wise to try to renegotiate peace terms. But at the same time, you really can't expect help when you openly threaten alliances not even involved. Attack STA and there's another alliance who you need to negotiate with. But you show no remorse for your deeds, which are outright stupid. While you'd love to think that your arguments are perfectly rational, you seem to forget that you began this escapade by attacking other alliances without provocation and only after this completely irrational
  8. [quote name='Lolinder' timestamp='1348592875' post='3033988'] Ah, the posturing of an angry troll. I find it highly amusing that you're under the impression that I'd blame my alliance (or BK) for you attacking me. Some friendly advice: it's usually a bad idea to count on someone else being a complete and utter moron. Alright, I've made my presence known, now I'm going to follow suit and stop feeding. Bye! [/quote] And yet, instead of your alliance responding to me, they immediately alerted you. I understand the need for a public united front, but if they had explicitly asked me to a
  9. [quote name='omfghi2u2' timestamp='1348549279' post='3033865'] Glad you are using your time wisely there buddy. This is probably the only real attention you actually get hence why you are still playing. Well, time to stop feeding the troll as I should have done and follow suit of everyone else on Planet Bob and forget about you. -omfg [/quote] I thought everyone already knew I initially created this thread to get peace from GPA and to find a trade circle (both of which succeeded), and I never had any intention of quitting while sitting on 6 billion dollars? You are quoting something co
  10. [quote name='BKNorton3' timestamp='1348529245' post='3033750'] Come at me bro. [/quote] It's easy for you to talk when it's going to be one of your friends that gets nuked. Sometimes I wonder if people think before posting. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=450375 This guy seems like an excellent target. Some nice tech/infra to destroy, no wonders, probably very little rebuilding capacity and vulnerable to my spy-ops. Should I attack him? Is that what you want? Please say yes, I'm sure he will be grateful. I want to hear it from your mouth so I can link
  11. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1348507986' post='3033687'] You should had followed the advice someone gave to you in post #11 and after 33 pages the advice still perfectly cover the whole thing. [/quote] Oh shut up, I've lost more in this one war than you've ever owned in your puny nation's lifetime, don't lecture me about consequences. I'd say losing 8 billion dollars worth of stuff for a rogue attack where I wanted peace after 1 day is extreme enough. Is your open invitation to attack STA still valid? See, I don't want you to whine about reparations and consequences later when you expl
  12. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1348485971' post='3033631'] you're fighting because you wont agree to their terms, and you went rogue on them, how do you not understand that you instigated this? [/quote] Exactly: I won't agree to pay reps and never will, so there's no point in continuing the fight. The only solution that doesn't involve everyone losing is white peace and trying to e-lawyer here about who started what and who continued it (this would've ended ages ago had they not backed out of their own peace deal) doesn't help anyone. My nation is a pile of crap after losing 14k infra and
  13. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1348481726' post='3033627'] you've yet to answer me on why you should be treated any differently than any other rogue. [/quote] Because nobody benefits from the current situation? We're not even fighting over anything, we're just fighting for the sake of fighting. If I don't get white peace, what's gonna happen is I will fight until my moon colony expires and quit. That's a long time to fight a rogue and quite frankly I believe both parties are getting tired of it.
  14. [quote name='omfghi2u2' timestamp='1348467184' post='3033596'] You do realize there are people who play this game where English is not their first language? So please flaunt at how great your english skills are and continue to get stomped by Polar. You should also head on over to STA. It isnt fair that Polar gets war training for their lower ranks all for themselves. -omfg [/quote] I would like to know what language it is where they don't form proper sentences or paragraphs and where there's no punctuation. English isn't my first language either and I'm sure you can tell from my posts
  15. EDIT: Nevermind, that sort of talk probably isn't allowed here.
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