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    Analogies are useful, or else they wouldn't exist. To suggest they aren't "equivalencies" is irrelevant. To someone who has never seen oil, I could say it is "sort of like water, because they're both liquids". Unless they're actually mentally challenged, they probably won't decide to drink it based on that evidence alone.
  2. Just want to say thanks, again. It's a little hard to follow without something like this
  3. There's no good way to degrade tech. I'd be in preference of simply removing the tech dealing process altogether. It wouldn't be permanent. How would it? Unless they're neutral. Or have a world pool of tech; a scaling system of maximum tech which increases/decreases with the amount of nations there are in the game. Give something to fight for. Upper nations are more likely to be attacked because they're using up a god awful tonne of the world's allowance.
  4. Ironfist

    NRL Grand Final!

    I can't believe anyone could cheer on NZ In other news, I'm more of an AFL fan myself, but I just had to comment on the slither of Australian media I saw. I do like NRL though, and yes, I'll be cheering on the Sea Eagles. There's just no way I can bare a NZ triumph in our own country.
  5. How about you comment on what he's saying rather than attacking the person? Rush is high gov't in TLR and was high gov't in Athens. Anyone with half a brain knows he has done his part into spicing things up. Attacking the person? I criticised the blog. I happen to respect Rush, and most of Athens; but if anyone at all is going to make a blog about complaining, I expec them to follow up on it rather than blaming others.
  6. Then those in power should do something, rather than complain. I'm sure that's been said at least 5 times above me but your entire blog/argument looks like a childish way of putting the blame on others again.
  7. Seemed like a genuinely nice fellow. What was the issue here?
  8. People's egos get in the way of any of the game aspects of CN. Everyone thinks their posts are awesome. Very few are.
  9. I'm pretty sure waxing philisophical is basically all CN does these days. It's either that or cheap trolling. At least those attempting to post intelligently are making an effort to keep the spirit of the game alive. How else would we laugh at them?
  10. I'm guessing they're the major players that aren't involved in the war. And by major players, I mean big alliances. Obviously neutrals aren't "players" because they're uninvolved.
  11. http://www.facebook.com/people/Mohammed-Wong/606303469 http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Mohammed_Wong
  12. This is a good war chart. Congrats. Might be trivial but I assume RIA is green because they're on "both sides" of this war? And THL is dotted due to their peace?
  13. Am I correct in assuming PC have the most fronts to take care of?
  14. Just don't use Windows7 with it if you're playing old old games. I know from experience that StarCraft the original tends to freeze the screen after a random amount of time has passed. Something about Windows7 not properly allocating something to somewhere. Not really a brilliant computer mind, myself, but I've read reports about how old games don't work well with 7. It's rather annoying.
  15. So you'd prefer naitivity rather than dealing with real life issues through media? You know what? It's probably because you're too young to "get it".
  16. I'll bet Kent doesn't have a problem with that. It's just when he sees other men that he reacts badly. I'd guess that's more of an insecurity thing more than anything else. He needs to grow up and lighten up. There wasn't anything particularly malicious about this blog, whether one enjoys the content or not. I'm sick to death of these trolls.
  17. Once again you add nothing to the conversation.
  18. It's useless IMO. Just get a new touch screen computer.
  19. I think a more important lesson is to be more careful before you play with a computer's hardware. Hell, if no one at all did it, there'd be no fix.
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