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  1. I remember when I had the sad duty of disbanding the NAAC. My hand was forced by Airme and the Mushroom Kingdom and I personally hold the disbandment of NAAC their fault. o/ NAAC We should get #1 in my opinion.
  2. I will swap to any resources, put me down.
  3. Jack Diorno returns as a purple team nation #athens So, I return. Olympus has been very kind in granting me a home within their walls, and I can even choose my own resource, a definite boon for nuclear rogue nations... After browsing the forums for a while I noticed that nothing has changed, people are posting about their new micro alliance, why the game is going downhill, complaining about how many recruitment messages a new nation gets. Hmmm, 15,000 nations seems to be about what I left at so I would say the nation count is around steady. The amount of pseudo-intellectuals seems to have increased, I guess the firefox synonym plugin is working its magic. Hello cybernations. If you want to talk to me or are a former Athens member, also join #athens
  4. Yeah dude, I was gonna ask if you made these videos

  5. Hooray an optional treaty between two insignificant alliances. I will be glad when this never gets used and eventually is dissolved due to 'poor communication'.
  6. Londo Mollari smells like cabbage

  7. let us create an alliance together?

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