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  1. Anyways, I've normally followed the "Spartan" approach but not every time. You have to know when to pick your battles.
  2. Feanor Noldorin

    CBs in CN.

    In years past people use to wrap up their desire to go to war with a bunch of !@#$%^&* that everyone knew was !@#$%^&*. Five years later people don't bother wrapping it up in BS. Pretty simple stuff, imho.
  3. Haha, indeed. I was thinking of you while writing the OP. Not sure if you'll take that as a compliment or something else. :P

  4. I'm afraid historic is beginning to sum things up.

  5. If the GRL is very lonely why not put some leg work into getting it some company rather than waiting on others to do it?
  6. I'm in agreement with Rush. I think the OWF has turned into a much more friendlier place than before. For the most part everyone is friends with everyone.
  7. That entire post just screams with his pain. It made me lol.
  8. Betray MK. You and I have unfinished business to attend to. :shakesfist:
  9. Auburn was luckily missed and everyone I know in T-town and Cullman turned out to be okay. It was amazing/horrifying to see a storm of that magnitude on live tv and not knowing if its coming for you or not. The way people around here have been donating has been wonderful. I know they had a blood drive on campus where so many people showed up that they had to turn some away.
  10. I had no idea about this. They kept telling me that they we're fighting this war at 100%. I no longer agree with this war.
  11. If FARK ever fights and beats us in a war we'll be ready for their surrender terms!
  12. The Black team was a much more civilized place when TOP held one of its senate seats.
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