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Birds have Claws

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Freedom Really A Novel Zinger


In the year of our Doomtender of 2019, we find ourselves at an impasse. Nobody wants to make the first move, shuffling their feet and averting their gaze as if they are at Jazzy's school disco. Little did we know that a nefarious individual had already come up with a most ingenious plan. They were going to get the party kicking, not with some lame formal gesture, but by spiking the punch with Tenochtitlan branded tequila. After this happened, people fell about the place, doing such unspeakable acts that we can't repeat them here, but can in private. Naturally, this gave us cause to go up their and confront this potential threat and deal with them in the most unexpected of ways. We offered them our hand, and they reciprocated with a fist bump. Now we are brothers!

Article 1

The first matter we agreed on was that while we both like to boogie to the beats of MC Rey who honestly isn't that Great, we couldn't get too rowdy while dancing. As a result we came to the mutual agreement that as eskimo brothers, that we would not harm the other and that nothing would get in our way.

Article 2

Here is the four one one folks. Say some gangster is dissing your fly girl, you just give them a good bottling in order to get them back into line. The gangster that is, after all we AREN'T called Bill or whatever. 

Article 3

Noting the importance of a clear and concise message, we disregard those notions. Instead, both parties have agreed that clear communication and coordination is essential in maintaining the balance of a healthy business relationship. We might do it through Private Message, we might do it via Discord, we might do it via IRC, we might do it via the back passage. Who knows, but we can double stack the matter and provide information to the other party if we discover information which might be detrimental to both entities. This could be if someone makes a threat, if someone makes a thread, if someone wanted to spy, if somebody wanted to fry or if someone wanted to blackmail us over photos of Claude again. We are watching you, brick wall!

Article 4

CLAWS shall erect a full-size replica statue of Steeldor within Randalla.

Article 5

There may come a time where we need to place a hit on someone or crash a party we have not been invited to. Fear not, but with the power of the Steeldor, they won't be able to object or complain. Hide your wives, hide your girlfriends, hide your polygraph machines, we may be coming to town if we can agree on a time or date because you know... we can't simply cancel on that White Chocolate tasting session.

Article 6

We reserve the right to a fair and unequal economical relationship when it comes to fiscal aid, may it be through cash, aid, hookers or nukes.

Article 7

If it turns out that somebody acted in a way or a manner that made us feel bad, now that's pretty bad! For after all, those are our feelings, and nobody has the right to break those if we don't want them to. So, first we would say to the other party "No" and then we'd get out of there after the 72 hour deadline had elapsed.

Article 8

It was brought to our attention that dying tickles and that the span has declined in the past few years, so we reserve the right to an external audit whenever it is deemed worthwhile.


Co-leaders: White Chocolate & Jazzy

Grand Inquisitor: Randalla

Minister of Defense: AL Bundy
Minister of Economics: jazzy
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Claude
Minister of Internal Affairs: Magical Muslim
For Doombird Doomcave                                                                                                                        
Lord Emperor: Steeldor

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Graphics quality control report:


Flags present:  CHECK


Flags appropriately sized?  CHECK


Flags centered:  Not mad, just disappointed.


Congrats to all concerned, although a little concerned about that statue placement.

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