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  1. Kaznawim

    Silent No Longer

    Talking is good, welcome back FARK!
  2. Kaznawim

    TE- Round 46

    I hope it's a huge update...
  3. Kaznawim

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    Your well wishes are appreciated, but I can assure you aNiMaLz has not lost its edge. We still have that uncontrollable fire and passion inside of us; we're just channeling it through different avenues these days. You were always a huge part of aNiMaLz, Kindle. No one can ever take that away from you. I just wish you would of stopped to think about the bigger picture for aNiMaLz. I wish you would of stuck to internally building us up instead of getting us wrecked over and over. You should of seen my face when I was getting the messages I never thought I would get in a million years. You completely shattered the bridges with people that would of done ANYTHING for you and did EVERYTHING for you over so many years. I wish you the best regardless of our paths being so different now. NoR helped us more than we can put into words as we were paying the price for your actions. They really are good people over there. I hope you'll see that one day.
  4. Kaznawim

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    I can't name a single alliance in our coalition that was reluctant to join in against aevrum. Hell, the majority of them actually came in on their own accord. There was absolutely no need for anyone to manipulate, lie, or use others. You on the other hand were kicked out by us for doing all three of those. NoR has only been exposed as leading the most devastating anti methkindle campaign in history.
  5. Kaznawim

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    I do understand how you viewed our alliance based on your past experiences with us. I probably would of viewed it the same way. I just want the record to show that an internal cataclysmic event did occur prior to you all declaring on us. One that forced my old ass out of retirement to take over where kindle left off. Nothing was ever planned like this, but I'm glad it happened for the sake of aNiMaLz.
  6. Kaznawim

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    You declared on us after Rukunu had already kicked kindle out.
  7. Kaznawim

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    You would of seen that wasn't the case if you had given it a shot.
  8. Kaznawim

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    This is a lot to take in... Here goes nothing. aNiMaLz will always appreciate how you stood up for us against minc, Lucius. Your moral support was definitely appreciated. You were one of the few people that saw how unnecessary our situation was at the time. You of course knew this, because you actually came and talked with us about it unlike most of the other parties. Thank you for that. @COBRA We still see you and we've got you if it comes down to that in the senate. I'm sorry things didn't work out. Now to the main content of this article: 1. aNiMaLz has always and will always be united behind Rukunu. You deeply misunderstand our alliance if you believe there's an opportunity to be had there. Kindle only took two (out of 30) members with him when he left to form AGF, those players being Monty and Alphagun. There is no veteran, or new member that anyone could place in our alliance that would offer up a more successful coup. 2. aNiMaLz as a whole was already beyond fed up with kindle before minc declared on us. We had kicked him out a couple days prior to minc declaring on us, although I do understand why people would assume we would eventually take him back in. It was different this time around and I regret there wasn't a better way to show that sooner. LH and Lucius... You're both thinking we did what we did because of you two. I get you're looking for all the credit when it comes to getting rid of kindle. I can't blame you as It's quite the sought after award. That award ultimately goes to our own members that made the decisions they did for the betterment of our alliance. For years we were dragged into ridiculous wars with no real cause to them, only to be completely destroyed. Kindle was always the common denominator. We were the ones that ended our affliction. Now it's time to move forward A new era of aNiMaLz has begun. Massive shoutout to NoR for helping us get there! We couldn't of done it without you guys and we will always be indebted to you. I hear they're one of the most active alliances out there! Go join them now Thank you for everything.
  9. Kaznawim

    End of Round Award for most damage

    Maybe even for the top couple players that dealt the most damage!
  10. Giving violent ultimatums with the intention of forcing a government change is not the same as giving advice.
  11. It's flattering to know we keep you up at night, HG The UN and SS have been one and the same since your disastrous coup attempt earlier this year. If only you had known your efforts would actually make us stronger, just like they're doing right now!