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  1. Sorry you couldn't make the cut.
  2. Thinking your accomplishments in another game while this game is being discussed is rather silly. Especially when you haven't really accomplished anything in this game other than be handed things on a silver platter and cheating. But I mean people keep you around because of your blind loyalty, its the kind of loyalty that you get from a kid who never got picked for anything that finally gets some attention from a group of people he is trying to hang out with.
  3. People provide stats that disprove what Maelstrom says, he claims fictional wars that have never existed due to game mechanics and general length of wars, and then tries to justify how good he is based on his prowess in another game.
  4. Well you do have a large head, and collectively Non Grata hosts the most successful people in the only realm that matters.
  5. Deus Vult God Emperor of the Holy Land.
  6. When a simpleton tries to understand the minds of his betters.
  7. In this thread, Maelstrom says something, everyone calls him out for it, then he doubles down.
  8. I am simply mocking him at this point my old friend, I know how salty he gets even though he feigns other wise.
  9. Only to those that you pass your genetics to through procreation, it would be made worse if the person you mated with was also of poor genetic stock as well.
  10. I am glad you are finally accepting your lot in life. I mean based on the standards you have exposed yourself to in other realms it is rather quite obvious.
  11. I know you got nothing to say because you can't argue with the truth. Sad really at this point, you must have burned the last good synaptic connection trying to argue with Lex earlier.
  12. I think the fat is crushing you brain. Maybe you should take Lex's advice and reevaluate your dosages.
  13. Vocabulary envy? Doubtful, Lex has schooled you well enough in the use of vocabulary. This is his arena, you are just the weirdo that pretends to be a dragon while trying to rub two brain cells together to attempt to seem smart. Try not to strain yourself too hard, I would hate to see a blood vessel pop.
  14. Whoa there buddy, be careful when you ascertain the true usage of vocabulary and words to someone with a slow mind that will certainly be passed on in greater severity to any progeny he hatches.
  15. You are the one that brought up alliances that aren't involved in anything.
  16. You are the one spinning conspiracy theories, maybe you should take a break, this mental exercise must really be straining the few brain cells you have left.
  17. The only idiot here is you, you do seem to be someone that is exhibiting a case of having an extra chromosome.
  18. I was asked to hit you so I did, sorry you don't understand how coordinating things works. You should also remember, I barely attacked you, as I was maximizing my damage output on other nations because to be quite honest you weren't worth the effort because you are bad at war. You are the laughing stock of CN, as is your alliance, thats why daddy and mommy NPO and IRON came to your rescue.
  19. All I was doing was preventing you from getting to peace mode. So mission accomplished, and I knew what I was doing when I got into those fights, I mean you barely out damaged me despite me not concentrating on you. So it's more a bad show on your part. Your warchest would also be gone had you been not receiving aid drops for as long as you have been. So again, we are back to you not knowing how to war properly. Laughing at you is the best part of this game.
  20. Are you sure about that? Stats say you barely did more damage than I did to you, and I was fighting 6 wars. If you blew through 2.5 Billion in 5 months you are pretty bad at war.
  21. So essentially what Canik is saying is he doesn't know how to properly fight a war and mismanaged his warchest and now has to survive off of aid drops because he is drain on his own alliances resources.
  22. Yeah, we speak English. Not some contrived pseudo intellectual babble like you attempt.
  23. No, you struggle at communication. Stewie is pretty clear on what he says and means.
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