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  1. DeathAdder

    Macedonian Jackboots

    As a former King of Sparta, I can confirm all of this. Alex was the most loyal member we had. The fact he now wants nothing to do with the Alliance says a lot more about them than it does him. And way more than what is the admitted equivalent of hearsay. I have never known him to be racist or a bigot to anyone in the 9+ yrs I've known him and most of the people who fought him not only acknowledged his ability as a diehard fighter of the AA, but, also, a classy person. At least the community has been put on notice that, according to Windmark, a player who allegedly reports behavior that has historically been deemed unwelcome and toxic to the community at large should be hunted down and forcibly removed from the {OOC]game[/OOC]. What a scary thought!
  2. DeathAdder

    Macedonian Jackboots

    I'll just be deranged and let moderation handle moderation reports. I suggest you do the same, rather than making a political fuss over an OOC event. I've heard plenty of disturbing OOC rumors stemming from that side. Extremist RL political views being the least of them. I don't see how you casting more of a spotlight on the various claims does anyone any favors, but, whatever floats your boat.
  3. DeathAdder

    Macedonian Jackboots

    Lol. If you think you're big enough to do something on baseless claims, jump and see what happens.
  4. DeathAdder

    Defcon 1 DOE

    Imperial Crimson. War flag is just the Red version of the default.
  5. DeathAdder

    Defcon 1 DOE

    Protected by NPO.
  6. DeathAdder

    Macedonian Jackboots

    Glad to see this out finally. o/ NPO o/ DEFCON 1
  7. DeathAdder

    I shall take my leave now

    Sad to see you go, Cuba. You always made Bob semi-interesting. Enjoy your well-earned retirement. o/
  8. DeathAdder

    Thirteen Years of Order

    Been there, done that, though. Most don't even bother to try to organize a defense. It took rogues, with no chance of actually winning, but no incentive to quit unless broke, to fight us in the longest war in the history of this sad little World. No fun beating dead horses over and over. Nine times out of ten, we spend more arming up than actually fighting. Roguing out works for some folks to call it quits, and, more power to them. They occasionally make the World amusing for a day, maybe a round, if they're really entertaining. That is not the way of Pacifica, however, and, while many of us love war and warring (myself most definitely included), the community itself surpasses the World. The Order will be here until lights out and will endure far beyond Bob.
  9. DeathAdder

    Defcon 1 DOE

    Yeah. The SC was being asswipes, then, too, before abandoning their mess in my lap where I brought him back to the fold that was Sparta under my Reign. You seem to have gained a habit of your most loyal members getting fed up with you and leaving your AA to rot in your own decadence while the rest of you do nothing except bleed out nations. I wonder if anyone will have the balls, or, even the desire, to clean up the crap that is currently on display. My money is on "no".
  10. DeathAdder

    Natural 20

    Congrats to all.
  11. DeathAdder

    Defcon 1 DOE

    Perhaps. Complacency has gripped the World hard, however.
  12. DeathAdder

    Defcon 1 DOE

    You made the right choice, Alex. I came to that conclusion long ago. I wish you luck in your new AA and moving forward.
  13. DeathAdder

    Thirteen Years of Order

    o/ Pacifica Prevails!
  14. DeathAdder

    Dragons have CLAWS

    Congrats to both of our allies in this upgrade.
  15. DeathAdder

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    RIP NADC. Enjoy taking out some of the trash, Polar.