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  1. It was spelled out in the OP as such, yes. I'm glad we're finally on that same page. It only took 37 pages.
  2. NpO isn't involved in the war as a combatant.. If they are willing to host the negotiations, I don't see why that would be an issue, though.
  3. If your alliance wishes to make a formal declaration of surrender, or begin peace negotiations, they know how to get in touch with LoD.
  4. FTW isn't our ally. You can refer to my comments back in the original thread that announced that war, if you are at all interested in my opinion of FTW (I don't really care if you are or are not). Furthermore, the OP specifically states that the two conflicts are separate, despite the fact that NG is fighting both RFI and Oculus, and has been fighting FTW for a while. While we could have decided to chain in to that war, based off of our RFI ties, we did not. We did, however, allow them access to the target list to avoid overlap in declarations.. You can keep reaching, but, all your talk that this is about bailing FTW out isn't really my concern, and, Oculus simply does not care about your propaganda to the contrary. If NG didn't want to face Oculus in a second front, they shouldn't have been scamming our sphere for war aid, poaching our various memberships to assist in their roguery and then threatening IRON while thinking they could get away with it. FULL STOP. Pacifica does not care about their war with FTW, or the people who got involved to fight FTW, they joined a rogue alliance, they will face the consequences of joining an AA that declared its rogue status a year and a half ago. They're free to surrender out to us at any time and leave the NG AA, or remain until the entire AA surrenders out. It will. They all do. Any peace reached with Oculus will be with Oculus alone. They will need to resolve the FTW/RFI front separately.
  5. The only thing I expect you to do, regardless what NPO and Oculus does, is continue to complain. As has been demonstrated since the posting of the OP.
  6. Yeah, that's fine. My mistake. Both you and Finster mentioned fairly similar numbers, so, naturally, I tied your comment into his since the varying calculating systems give different answers (as seen between Orion and Carnage).
  7. You should probably make up your mind over whether you want to discuss irrelevant stuff, or, the OP itself. Yes. But. all that EXP in the long run. ❤️
  8. Cool. We can talk about you getting rolled in NG. I'm fine with that. Enjoying the DM Ops? x3
  9. I mean, that's fine if you two were going off on an irrelevant tangent while we were discussing enjoying a personal war.
  10. I mean, more than likely you two are just covering your ass and trying to backpedal now that you've been called out by both of us, but, whatever you say, kids.
  11. "Autism" and autistic insults are his new favorite thing, as taught to him by Thrawn and Andy over in the Boiler Room, so.
  12. So, you're instead upset that people can find common ground reminiscing over the past, instead of being eternally asshurt like you. Check.
  13. Are you really so dumb as to not realize you were wrong in the initial "gag me with a spoon" comment because Finster and I were talking about damage ratio, as opposed to coalition odds which you and LH got onto?
  14. And I wasn't going to backtrack all of the previous quotes of you dolts going off on your irrelevant tangent because you're still upset they had a bigger coalition.
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