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  1. I'll just wait until you figure out where you were trying to go with:
  2. It's great watching you dance around to avoid admitting that you popped in agreeing that my apathy was unfounded, when it's really not. Please continue.
  3. Hey, I mean, we all come here to waste our time. Your selective memory at some people flailing to deny they're wasting their time, as opposed to someone who outright says it, isn't really my fault.
  4. Discussion? I came here to lol at Tevron for his non-debatable comment. Everything since has just been entertainment for me at the expressed outrage of pointing out the above.
  5. You would actually require an education to be able to make me feel insulted. Luckily we both know that isn't going to happen. Meanwhile, all I have to do is point out how much of a walking joke the entirety of you are and you come out in mass rage.
  6. It's okay. I know the mentality there barely manages to pass that of third-grade elementary level. I'll overlook your inadequacies in being able to properly insult me.
  7. Good to see you're still as delusional as always.
  8. Yeah. If only I could be as cool as you guys. My AA disbanding due to inactivity and all. Oh well.
  9. None of you are really interesting enough to interact with on any regular basis. People literally just come on here to laugh at you in DM's and then go back to ignoring your existence.
  10. You were just being a headache, as usual. But, whatever makes you feel better, JA.
  11. That doesn't alter what I said/you quoted in the slightest.
  12. It'll either make you go or constipate the $%&@ out of you.
  13. Is that even debatable? Those who deal with the problem stay off the OWF unless they have literally nothing better to do at that moment..
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