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  1. [OOC]I ate there twice when I still lived in Bavaria. I still have their menu for the lol's (yes, I got their beef chow mein on the second trip).[/OOC]
  2. I think you're going for "Shoddy"
  3. Whatever, dude. You're ignoring the core point of this, that had actual diplomacy been conducted in the logs shown to the OWF and escalation onto allies of Polar,, over a singular rogue, not occurred, neither myself or Grub would be annoyed at this !@#$ show.
  4. I'm not sure how you manage to actually equate two alliances (TTK/Sparta) who conspired with others to eventually attack Oculus, which was later leaked to us and we pre-empted, to a poorly handled-curb stomp over a singular rogue based on poor communications over in-game messages. You have higher standards than this, Al, so, I mean...
  5. I mean, lets be real here. It's taking a bloc + friends to roll a whole sixty-nine nations. After allowing it to be leaked on the forums that !@#$-tiers couldn't take a nuking. This entire episode just screams failure and all involved should do themselves a favor and just hit the "Delete my Nation" hyperlink. Personally, I'd be ashamed, instead of dislocating my shoulder while I pat myself on the back.
  6. Probably would've helped.
  7. Funny enough, I've never had a single issue with GK/Cobra. Nor an inability to understand one another. Maybe some people just can't do FA.
  8. DeathAdder

    The dragon is dead!

    Good to hear it was a success, Daj. Hope your recovery goes just as well.
  9. DeathAdder

    The 'C' word

    I look forward to your return, but for now, focus on getting better. That's most important. x3
  10. DeathAdder

    The 'C' word

    This is a shame. I know you and I haven't seen eye-to-eye in the game whatsoever as of late, but as someone who also comes from a family with a history of Cancer, I do wish you the best of luck and hope you make a full recovery. Don't give up, and beat it into submission.
  11. I hope Bob Marley wouldn't be tortured by having to read this.
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