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  1. Maybe the crumbling remnants of the community will be bothered to get off their ass and write a sub par "news" article about your relentless wars that are killing Bob, Grub. Lets watch.
  2. Hi Term. :waves: Lets be real here; Disorder Rd. 2 would be the most interesting thing either of us have fought in recent years. At least neither AA's would !@#$%* up and seek peace when things got interesting.
  3. I'll discuss it with LoD and we can go from there. It's certainly a start, yes.
  4. Circular arguing isn't going to get you anywhere. You know where to find us when you're ready to get serious and admit to the mistakes of the leader you inherited the war from and move on. Until then, enjoy the casualties.
  5. Caustic, as leader at the time, did speak for NG. Caustic, as leader at the time, organized the poaching. I don't care which puppet he got to post the DoW. Over 60% of the community agreed that 1. He was leading NG. 2. NG was roguing out. 3. He was the mastermind behind organizing the FTW attacks/poaching members from Sovereign AAs 4. He was the one who directly threatened IRON, as leader of NG, and activated Oculus.
  6. Caustic was the one who threatened IRON which activated Oculus to intervene, after the war had started on FTW and had been going on for ~a month. Claiming neither front was NG roguing out is invalid.
  7. It was declared by Caustic, before you returned, while NG still claimed it was roguing out. The fact you decided to reactivate doesn't retroactively change that fact. I don't care why others joined your Alliance, or whether or not they agree it was a justifiable CB. I know this because Caustic attempted poaching members, all the way up to Imperial, with the incentive of roguing out with a last bang on a top AA.
  8. The fact that both CLAWS and IRON are on this front and signed the Declaration of War and the fact that you want to keep their ally at war isn't going to convince them to come to the table, nor does it convince me/anyone else in NPO that you aren't going to just continue the previous rogue wars that this World has witnessed from NG for over a year.
  9. Actual PZI would be keeping the people who go inactive at war when they return, instead of cutting them loose when they surrender, as we have been doing.
  10. I wasn't insulting you. I clearly said it was a slight improvement for NG.
  11. I'm still waiting for evidence of your nations being under PZI. Been waiting for months.
  12. Most of our newbs apply via the recruiting messages that get sent out to new nations. Very few come from other [ooc]games/sites[/ooc], unless they learned about CN on them. The advertising for the [ooc]game[/ooc] is very lacking. You're lucky if you get 20 NN's a day now. P. sure Ivan is disgusted with CN in general, not Pacifica. Last I heard, he still plays NS.
  13. Most alliances would. Nowadays, very few, if any, do. Purges used to be a regular thing on Bob, too.
  14. Can't speak for either of them. We have aid request sections and do regular wonder drives. Trades are automated and can be assigned with a click of Orion. Both are part of the learning material when you pass through Academy. If people choose not to do either, we can't force them.
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