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  1. As opposed to the other chunks of newbies and inactives elsewhere? Sure. This isn't 2012 anymore Thrash. The majority of players are now adults with lives, careers, and children of their own, in many cases. They don't need your approval to have higher priorities in how/where they spend their free time other than here. Even back in 2012, when people actually were still active in large part, many people, including Alliance Leaders would end up escaping to PM. It happened on all sides, so, I mean, if you're trying to cherry pick what actually happened, try som
  2. Actually I'm not missing the point they/you are trying to make.. I'm just ignoring/disagreeing with the standing perspective. I had a short list on where I'd go if I ever left Sparta and NPO was the top of that list; joining the oldest and most Military-based Alliance on Bob was actually a treat for a mechanics nerd like I am. Simple as that.
  3. That's my problem how? I have more offensive wars on my nation, fought on the losing side, than others twice and three times its age have for the duration of their careers. It's their failing if they choose to believe that not engaging in unsanctioned wars has absolutely anything to do with cowardice or needing 'odds on my side'.
  4. That's great. "You're afraid to fight without overwhelming odds!" is a pretty weak thing to throw at someone who fought wars on the losing side for the majority of their career on Bob. That, combined with the fact there are very few left who even bother to recall back far enough to the NPO-TPF split makes the continued butthurt from your side tedious, at best. Paths eventually diverge, it's life. The fact you think anyone expects other people to be 'afraid of them' in a 16 year old [ooc]game[/ooc] speaks volumes about you.
  5. Actually, you've implied it. Multiple times since re-founding TPF. Your politics don't really interest me, Kapleo, nor do I answer to the actions (or inactions) of past IO's who sat over Military Affairs. Everything that has threatened my Alliance or my Allies have faced attrition wars. Including the old TPF. If I had any desire to live out past grudges, Sellswords would've faced the same fate. It isn't my job to stroke your ego by dueling with you. Want to be destroyed again? The ball is in your court. So.... Equilibrium? Yeah, I was l
  6. I don't recall any allies of NPO burning during my length of Govt. You can try again, though.
  7. I mean, if he cares to act out on his threats to my treaty Partner, I'll gladly kill his AA for another 2 yrs. I don't engage in unsanctioned wars, though, kids. Sorry.
  8. I would've absolutely loved that. 'Grats to CLAWS for the expected/10 outcome of them folding in under a month.
  9. Better things to do. Have fun with the special olympics, Lowsten.
  10. Nah. I've given you enough attention this month. Run along now.
  11. Janax making appearances is always pretty good. I've heard of both of you. TBB has successfully taken up Starfox's old position as the NpO Mouthpiece that everyone ignores as he attempts to not-so-subtly rewrite history by pretending any CB on here was at all valid and not just accepted because of the power projected by the one issuing it at the time, while citing no actual examples of the supposed "just CB's" that 'used to happen on Bob'. And which no one else can remember. You're just tagging along as his mouthbreathing entourage in hopes of finally,
  12. You're currently wasting your time with two of the most pointless individuals on Bob. Just FYI.
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