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  1. DeathAdder


    Congrats to our Allies in CLAWS achieving peace. o/ CLAWS
  2. DeathAdder

    Frozen Orange juice

  3. DeathAdder

    Orderly Duck Disciples

    o/ DoD o/ NPO Good to see this posted.
  4. DeathAdder

    to the NPO

    Stop lying to people. We all know that the OTHER NPO is the worst of all.
  5. DeathAdder

    Nothing Important Happened Today

    I approve of using X-File themes for treaties. Needed moar CGB Spender. o/ Argent o/ NPO
  6. DeathAdder

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Chianti is too good to waste on him, though. Fruit-water fermented in a cooler is a far better choice.
  7. DeathAdder

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    You were irrelevant then, too.
  8. DeathAdder

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Crawl back to your hole while the adults talk, child, no one is actually interested in what you have to say.
  9. DeathAdder

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    The reason he pissed people off was starting a sanction war by sanctioning Sengoku govt. I would assume the rest of you got hit because you held treaties with an Alliance that committed an act of war. It was likely especially troubling because, despite the !@#$show that is Bob, the community has, traditionally, prevented weaponizing Sanctions-- no one wins with a sanction war, it usually even goes so far as to hurt people not even involved in whatever dispute is going on, at the time. I'm sure members of Brown can attest to this fact of rogue senators hurting people not even involved in disputes.
  10. DeathAdder

    GATO Announcement

  11. DeathAdder

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Junka, you haven't caused anything to happen. You are a chump. You have smoked so much pot that you can't even get what remains of your braincells to function to come up with a good argument. You can't keep consistency, in fact, the only thing you can do properly, is lose a fight. You are both a waste of space, and of oxygen. IF I had allowed you to negotiate SPATR, let me assure you, their terms would be all the more harsh simply for the facts that A. They accepted you. B. They presumed you could negotiate for them. You can't. You were declared persona non-grata long before you ran to them as the only alliance that will accept you. You will never be allowed to interact in the face of the public, or, for others, outside of running your mouth, here, until you stop being the insufferable piece of !@#$, that you actually are. Or, until you are gone from this World. That is all that will happen. Smoke more of your dope to come up with even more ridiculous claims, because, guess what? That's all you have left, child. That's all that you will continue to have because you will remain staggered, ZI'd, and ZM'd. Even at his worst, Moo believed that Nations have an inherent right to exist on this World. I do not. You should've realized that BEFORE you ran your mouth at me, and at Polaris. This is now your future. Get used to it.
  12. DeathAdder

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Why would we put another nuke nation on him when IRON countered him before we did? You aren't very good at this whole perma war concept. Also, are we cowards who have to get our allies and 'bootlickers' to "PZI" you, or, are we doing it ourselves? It is usually a pretty good idea to remain consistent when playing the victim card. You should probably put down the bong, and, let the smoke dissipate a bit before trying to come up with a witty response to Seabee.
  13. DeathAdder

    Game captcha not displaying image

    Likewise having Captcha issues.
  14. DeathAdder

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    This is like... the 20th time you've been wrecked in here so hard that you've had to talk about your World of fanclub, yet, even still, no one cares about them.