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Glorious Peace


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Glorious Peace




So folks, we have a peace.  All is quiet on the XX-Front.    I warn you, you will have my sympathy if you actually read through all bazillion signatures this thing required.  Below are the peace terms:






Clause 1) The alliances of Fark, MHA, Sparta, and Polar hereby enter a state of  peace with their respective opponents in the grouping of ODN, FTW, AB, NATO, R&R, IRON, NG, DS, WFF, Int, Reavers, GLOF, DT, NEW, TLR, Kaskus, Sengoku, Gramlins, DBDC, and NoR


Clause 2)  The Alliances of Polar, FARK, Sparta, and MHA agree to not re-enter the Doom War on any front or provide aid to remaining combatants.    


Clause 3) If TOP has not received peace within 3 weeks of this agreement being posted, clause 2 will be considered void.  If any alliance declares a new  alliance war or opens a new front after the signing of this document, clause 2 shall be considered void.  This includes any further entries on the TOP front be they formal or informal by new alliances.




Signed for the Orange Defense Network:
Secretary General: OsRavan
Assistant Secretary General:eZe
Secretary of Defense: OverlordShinnra
Secretary of State: Nikolay
Secretary of Interior: Bucovina
Secretary of Economics: PeachesIII
Senate LXIII:

Signed for the International,


The Congress of the International



Signed for Dark Templar


Supa_Troop3r - Triumvir
TiTaN - Triumvir
Bob - Triumvir
Terrence Krillins - High Templar of Finance
Starcraftmazter - High Templar of Defense
Hunter - Immortal
Protoa - Immortal
Piejonk - Immortal
AuiNur - Immortal




Secretary General: Tsayka

Secretary of Foreign Affairs: LennyNKarl

Secretary of Defense: Matt C0lston

Secretary of Enlistment: SteelersFan

Secretary of Commerce: Landon Esser

Cheif Justice: Tommyknocker2121



Signed for the Grämlins

Enderland, Dear Leader
Tobbogon, Most Active at this time
Masterbake, Second Most Active at this time



signed for NG,

Steve Buscemi







Signed for Doom Squad,

Hapapants - God Prince
Ghost - Doomanager
Caliph - Doombassador
Xavier Rengegade Angel - Doomarshall
Stonewall - Propaganda Doominister
Addaff - Doom Advisor
Supreme Emperor Daeg - Doom Advisor
High Chancellor Liq - Doom Advisor
Lord Hershey - Doom Advisor
Banned - Doom Advisor



CubaQuerida, Angel of Death
TBRaiders, Wingman of Allarchon
Artigo, Powerlifting Champion of DBDC
Tayloj, Bunny King
Timmehhh, Minister of Wealth Redistribution
White Chocolate, Lady of Doom


hartfw - Emperor

autosave36 - Shogun
Schad - Daimyo of Foreign Affairs
Auctor - Daimyo of War
Petro - Daimyo of Finance
Konrad Curze - Daimyo of Communications
han fei zi - Daiymo of Development
The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
Walking_Dead, Grand Master
Sherman, Grand Chancellor 
Whiskerz, Grand Knight 
Schmoo, Grand Treasurer
Alfonse, Grand Superintendent

World Freedom Federation

Nord Belka

WFF Skymarshal
Floppy Penguin
Deputy Skymarshal
Deputy Skymarshal
The WFF Citizens
Signed for NoR
His Infernal Majesty, Nemhauser, Reichskaiser von Nordreich
Wolfgang von Sterreich, Reichsminister of the Interior



For R&R:


cmf0203, President


WarriorSoul, Vice President


GreyOps, Minister of Defense



/s/ Kaskus
Unknown Smurf


Signed for Aurora Borealis,
Drake Spoke, Triumvir
Jutopia, Triumvir
Sarkin, Triumvir


Signed for TLR


Kestral, Triumvir
Jgoods45, Triumvir
Hombre de Murcielago, Triumvir


For Fellowship of the Wolves

Alpha - Canik
Shamans - ShouAS, Dcrews, TDLS

For Nusantara Elite Warriors

~ the Nusantara Family




The Warrior - President, IRON Councilor
Third King - Secretary of State, IRON Councilor
Blade 619 - Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor
Rhizoctonia - Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor
Mandarijn - Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor


Signed for Farkistan:


905 - Submitter

Critters - Squirrel

one_eighty_two - Speaker of the Totalfark Council


EViL0nE - Totalfark Council

Slick Johnson - Totalfark Council

Rollo Gigante - Totalfark Council

Bionic Redhead - Totalfark Council



Signed for MHA

Jesbro, triumvir

The Doogan, triumvir

Jalap, triumvir

Scytale, MoDF

Nishiyoshi, MoBF



For Sparta;
DeathAdder, Basileus
Yerushalayim, Tyrannos
Faroah, Archephor
DannytheKiller, Ephor of Philoxenia
ForSparta, Ephor of Lykoi
Jessica Rabbit, Ephor of Mesoa
Darklink, Royal Advisor
Lukapaka, Royal Advisor
Adrian, Royal Advisor
Alexandros, Xymbouloi



-For New Polar Order
Dajobo - Emperor
EaTeMuP - Imperial Regent
Quantum Leap - Imperial Liason
Lestat - Minister of Peace
NBForrest - Minister of Plenty
Wargod0001 - Minister of Truth
Fyston - Deputy Minister of Plenty
Mc Peterson - Deputy Minister of Love
AlmightyGrub - Imperator Emeritus
Medic32 - Imperial Advisor
Darth Actorbass - Imperial Advisor
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I am glad to see this war end and for all of our allies to reach peace.  I am also glad that we could resolve our differences with those we warred and get a chance to start again with a clean slate.

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Thanks for a good war folks.
Before people ask about the Polar war on DBDC tech sellers etc, we have come to an agreement with DBDC and that issue is resolved as well.

I must say I could not be prouder of my comrades.

o/ Peace

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Let's hope TOP doesn't get peace in two weeks :war:


Congrats everyone

I'm with you on that Tywin I was just about to hit you again... :ehm: Congrats on the peace and Godspeed on rebuild everyone...o/ Doomreich

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I am glad to see this war end and for all of our allies to reach peace.  I am also glad that we could resolve our differences with those we warred and get a chance to start again with a clean slate.

Agreed. Worth a try, I guess!


The war was very fun. I enjoyed my wars against Big Ego and Hershey in particular. Ego, your SDI apparently knew peace was coming and was working for a higher power...

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