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  1. Hola Bro, me gustó tu nombre y avatar, me hizo reír mucho, gracias.

  2. In summary, as Dark Pope of the Mighty Grämlins, I Inferno of Ariana, hereby declare a state of active war with "The Sandstorm Confederacy" in suppor of our beloved brothers Sengoku.
  3. For Steve! Errr, sorry wrong topic. Who are AGW Overlords anyways.
  4. Thanks for the support maese Hartfw. The respect is mutual. Masterbake its right, no matter when you will read this post.
  5. Grind our old hatreds and misunderstandings. We wil melt our heavy past to build the foundations of a new and glorious present, comrades. What was torn yesterday, be forged today in a new blade!
  6. Well we won this game long time ago. And we leave it with style. Just I am too classy to leave it. Until the last Gizmo keep flaming our fearless flag in the CN hill, the mighty Grämlins will never die. En Taro Adun 7 "The mighty Grämlins will never die"
  7. To the trenches companions o/ o7 From the old great days when MHA+Fark+Grämlins and Aquea accords Hail docmeister
  8. You both will fade, and dissapear. That is my prognosis.
  9. Happy Anniversary! May you celebrate more outstanding years like this one like we share in the battlefield Entaro Adun!
  10. Is good to have you in the trenches IRON. :war:
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