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  1. Wait Starwars themed announcement, with one of them New something something Order types... Whew, its Jedi and Pacifica. I can heartily approve of that.
  2. Friendly raiding sounds nicer than hostilities, but okay. We do rarely post treaties, I think we did a post for joining cng... but that was the exception not the rule, all our treaties have a wall o' text that goes with them we just dont clutter the owf with it. Enjoy your hostilities, we will enjoy our raids, casualties for everyone involved. Have fun everybody.
  3. Let us see what if I have found it acceptable or not... status: Accepted. Okay, I too find it acceptable.
  4. Clearly we need Franz to weigh in on this... its not official otherwise.
  5. I think SLAP had a variety of valid CB's 1.) Alexio, the best CB of all time good for any occasion 2.) Accepting a nation at war for those who like a more traditional CB 3.) oA clause in our treaty with AM means our entry with ally is valid. I could keep going but I think it is enough to know that yes there was a collection of CBs all presented on a silver platter. Absolutely, if they had stuck it out for even a couple of rounds they could have got us to do white peace. We like short fun wars, but surrendering in less than a single round is a bit too short. I admit I hadn't even read the terms, but I don't read the opening terms in most negotiations. Seriously who takes the first offer? At least make a good counter offer... In any case, I wish OoT well going forward.
  6. It is vital that one makes sure that one's Ojwardsc is pointed in the right direction, always point your Ojwardsc in the direction of victory.
  7. Indeed... For Alexio is the great CB of our time, may he lead us Ojwardsc to victory!
  8. For Alexio, we have to ojwardsc them all to death.
  9. Too late, we already started to ojwardsc to victory and now we don't know how to stop.
  10. Good sir, while I may not speak on behalf of A-team I can assure you that we here at SLAP have a policy on raiding, If we raid you that is good and proper if you raid us... we kick your teeth down your neck, as is good and proper. I would think that A-teams actions also would indicate a pro-raiding leaning, as they seem to be raiding as we speak. I wouldn't wish for there to be any confusion as to our stance on a matter of such import.
  11. So you're saying it's just a case of bad lighting? Oh well then, A-team better turn up the lights...
  12. This reminds me a bit of a tragic play written by a bard. Act 1, Scene 1. YOLO Nay, as they dare. I will spit at them, which is disgrace to them if they bear it. WillyPete Do you spit at us, sir? YOLO I do spit, sir. WillyPete Do you spit at us, sir? YOLO (Aside to Sir William) Is the law on our side if I say ay? Sir William (Aside to YOLO) No. YOLO No, sir, I do not spit at you, sir, but I spit upon you, sir. Jalap Do you quarrel, sir? YOLO Quarrel, sir? No, sir. But if you do, sir, I am for you. I serve as good a man as you.
  13. Congratulations on getting a good deal TMG. Glad to see that is settled. Hails for the generous alliances that gave TMG a second chance.
  14. It has been my pleasure to serve with some of the most loyal, active, funny, and all around amazing people in CN. We have had some great victories and avoided defeat. I have been honored to stand along side them on the field of battle, and in time of peace. To all members past and present, thank you. Now as Doom Manager I issue one last order... Kong Ninjas Vanish.
  15. Imperial Degree™ from the New Doom Order Greetings puny mortals, in order to be able to join the imperial group known as the New Doom Order, prospective Kongs are encouraged to read over this imperial document because as soon as it is signed, they are locked into the contract. Additionally, by agreeing to this contract, they are forced to become a part of Kong Org which requires a 10,000,000 year commitment to the Imperial Kong Emperor and his Imperial Kong Empress. This commitment can't be rescinded once it has been made and violating will result an intense indoctrination of bananas into all exhaust ports. Imperial Term I: Imperial Doomembership Imperial Section I: Imperial Doommission To be considered a candidate for konghood within the imperial group known as the New Doom Order, you must be approved by the Imperial Kongclave, with final confirmation being granted by the Imperial Kong Emperor. The candidate must be proactive and be fully cooperative even while bananas are forced into them. A conversation log between the candidate and the Imperial Doom Imperial will then be distributed to the imperial New Doom Order Government to determine whether the candidate is suitable to comply the Imperial Doom Emperor's wishes. If the candidate is to be recognized as a kong of the imperial New Doom Order, it is expected of the kong to be respectable and honorable to his or her equals. Finally, the kong is strongly encouraged to participate with the imperial coloulr sphere known as Pink. Imperial Section II: Dual Memberships We, at New Doom Order, do allow dual memberships. It is imperative for a kong to inform the Imperial Doom Emperor, The Imperial Doom Empress, or The Imperial Doombassador so the Imperial Doom Emperor, The Imperial Doom Empress, and The Imperial Doombassador may consider the kong’s position for the New Doom Order’s foreign affairs direction. The New Doom Order is not obligated to defend its kongs with dual memberships if the kongs are not present in the New Doom Order’s alliance affiliation. The kongs will be informed that once their departures from the New Doom Order occur, they will be perceived as a resignation of doomembership unless previously approved by the Imperial Doom Emperor, The Imperial Doom Empress, or The Imperial Doombassador. Imperial Imperial Section III: Doomicide The Imperial Doom Emperor, the Imperial Doom Empress, or the Imperial Doom Imperials may banish any kong they find to be incapable of carrying out the Imperial Doom Emperor’s will. Imperial Term II: The Dooministration of the New Doom Order The dooministration structure of the New Doom Order is primarily operated by the Imperial Doom Emperor, and The Imperial Doom Empress. The Imperial Doom Emperor and The Imperial Doom Empress has the authority to designate or detach any kong from a government position. Each Doom Councilor or higher is strongly advised to take in kongs to learn the arts of a Doominister’s own department’s field and to perform daily tasks. Imperial Doomarshall, Imperial Doombassador and Imperial Doomerchant are considered Imperial Ministers. Imperial Section I: The Imperial Doom Emperor The Imperial Doom Emperor is the benevolent and incorruptible dictator of the alliance, may he live forever. The Imperial Doom Emperor has final authority on all matters involving the New Doom Order. The Imperial Doom Emperor has the final say in affairs of establishment and cancellation of ties, issuing declaration of wars, and reaching conclusion of wars. Should the Imperial Doom Emperor be slain in battle, resigned his or her duties, or doommolated, The Imperial Doom Empress will ascend to the position. Imperial Section II: The Imperial Doom Empress The Imperial Doom Empress is the second in command of the alliance. She acts as a bridge between the doomembership and the Imperial Doom Emperor. In addition, it acts in an Councilory capacity to the Imperial Doom Emperor and a representative of the Imperial Doom Emperor in all matters should the Imperial Doom Emperor be unavailable. Imperial Section III: The Imperial Doomsmith The Imperial Doomsmith is the overseer of the New Doom Order’s military. The Imperial Doomsmith’s responsibility is to assess the condition of the New Doom Order’s doomembership body along with its ability to defend itself from external threats by means of inspecting treasuries, wonders, and revising and updating guides. The Imperial Doomsmith is given the “blank check” authority by the Imperial Doom Emperor to implement and maintain a military system that optimizes the New Doom Order’s ability to vaporize its enemies with banana peels. The Imperial Doomsmith has the Imperial Doom Emperor’s authority to permit raiding targets to kongs of the New Doom Order but not granted the permission to authorize wars on a sovereign alliance. Imperial Section IV: The Imperial Doombassador The Imperial Doombassador is the champion of the New Doom Order and its foreign affairs. The Imperial Doombassador’s responsibility is to assess the condition of the New Doom Order’s foreign ties and to confirm that the foreign ties remain compatible, ideally and philosophically. The Imperial Doombassador has the Imperial Doom Emperor’s authority to assign diplomats to other sovereign alliances and to maintain and regulate the New Doom Order’s foreign embassies and consulates. Imperial Section V: The Imperial Doomerchant The Imperial Doomerchant is the banana merchant of the New Doom Order who controls all economically viable assets in the New Doom Order, especially bananas, and its doomembership body. The Imperial Doomerchant’s responsibility is to assess the condition of the New Doom Order’s economy and ensure that the condition remains dynamic and sustainable. Imperial Section VII: The Imperial Doom Imperial The Imperial Doom Imperial is an individual with great experience and knowledge of the game. A Imperial Doom Imperial’s assessment is greatly respected by kongs and the Government of New Doom Order. Additionally, it serves as a mentor to the kongs and bears responsibility of all assistants’ positions as stated above. There can be more than one Imperial Doom Imperial. Provision Number III: Imperial Kongclave The Imperial Kongclave is strictly composed of Imperial Doom Imperials. The Imperial Kongclave will, collectively, assign a Imperial Doom Imperial to fill a Government member’s position temporarily should the Government member of the New Doom Order remain absent. The Imperial Kongclave reserves the right to promote a kong, if deemed to be appropriate, to a status of a Imperial Doom Imperial. Provision Number IV: Raiding The New Doom Order is NOT a raiding alliance. Select Kongs gather tribute, as is due the Order. Any who infer that the order "raids" are to be directed to this clause and allowed a chance to appologize. A kong conducting a tribute collecion will need The Imperial Doomsmith’s authorization to proceed. The New Doom Order believes in maintaining order in our world and condemns any and all rogue actions. The New Doom Order Government: Imperial Doom Emperor - Lord Hershey Imperial Doom Empress - White Chocolate Imperial Doomerchant - Supreme Emperor Daeg Imperial Doombassador - Franz Ferdinand Imperial Doomarshall - Banned The Imperial Kongclave: [REDACTED] Also it is our Birthday today, so swing by our IRC #doomkingdom and join us for celebration.
  16. I agree with the premise to a degree, I can see the merits of a paperless system. Relationships do not require public documentation, but having a publicly stated relationship does provide some benefit. A public document can be avoided through various means but there is a repercussion, treaties provide a degree of accountability that is visible to all. If an alliance disregards a treaty it is known and the reputation of the alliance suffers.
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