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Declaration of changes to our stuff.

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We have made a few adjustments to our nest. The changes of note are new charter and new forums.

Our new charter: 


The Laws of the Nest 2.0

Section I. Preamble
We, in Doom Squad, believe that the military and financial strength of every member is the most important aspect of our alliance. We agree to put the collective good of our alliance over our own individual needs. We, as an alliance, agree to make sacrifices, including that of our nation's own security.
Section II. Government
God Prince - The God Prince is the leader of the alliance and the favored son of God Emperor.
Doomanager - The Doomanager is the second ranking individual of the alliance. It is the bridge between the membership and the alliance leadership. In addition, it acts in an advisory capacity to the God Prince and a representative of the God Prince.
Doombassador - The Doombassador is an individual heir for the Doomanager position. It is a third rank in position. It shares responsibility for foreign affairs and alliance announcements with the God Prince and the Doomanager.
Doomarshall - The Doomarshall is responsible to ensure that the alliance is safe by patrolling the domain and watching movements outside of the perimeter. It is responsible for internal affairs and military inspections.
Doomerchant - The Doomerchant is responsible to ensure that the alliance is economically functional by conducting trade circles and to cooperate with the Doomarshall for military purposes.
Doom Advisor - The Doom Advisor is an individual with great experience and knowledge of the game. A Doom Advisor's opinion is greatly respected throughout the alliance and is a mentor to many affiliates. Doom Advisor bears responsibility of all vacated positions as stated above. There can be more than one Doom Advisor.
Section III. Admission
To gain admission into Doom Squad, all recruits must meet the following requirements:
1. Be in no offensive wars.
2. Technology Clause: You must have less than 30k tech.
3. Nation Strength Clause: You must have less than 250k NS.
4. Activity Clause: You must be IRC, In-game, or Skype active.
5. Tywin Lannister Clause: You must not be a complete tool.
Section IV. War
A state of war, or declaration of peace, may only be signed upon unanimous agreement between the God Prince and the Doomanager.
Section V. Nuclear Policy
Doom Squad reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in a first-strike capability.
Section VI. Amendments
The God Prince has the sole right to create and edit amendments to the Charter, with concurrent approval of the Doomanager.
Our new nesting grounds can be found at http://d00msquad.forumotion.com swing on by and pay us a visit.
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Get outta here Daeg

No U! New forums are now 75% more pink than our old ones. 



No clause having the Doom song as your theme?

Congratulations and such, though this @#$& needs more GIR.



I second the notion that the Doom Song should be our theme song...

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