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  1. If you join, you will not regret it! https://cn.npowned.net/
  2. Congrats! Five ears is not a bad achievement at all.
  3. We are the number 1 alliance and also the only Order you need to join!
  4. Now now.... it's not nice to make fun of old people who are starting to lose memory ;) Here in Pacifica we are working on specialty canes which allow the aging CN player to not only manage his/her nation from the console on the cane, but to also to use as a guiding device should they get lost in the dusty caverns of the OWF where other crusty old players walk from time to time.
  5. I think you didn't meet enough people then :P I find getting licked by Italia very personable ;)
  6. Congrats to MI :) Best of luck to you both on this.
  7. Lol SNX took a plunge because it was democratic and it had conflicting cultures inside of it. The merger should never have happened as each alliance's culture beforehand was not one which would mix well with another. LoSS and NSF were not mixing cultures with MCXA and some GDA people. With all of those things combined, things went downhill. The ministries were no issue at all, as they were the only thing not a direct result of any democratic election (in some ways yes but in other ways no).
  8. I think you missed the part when the original government didn't support your 5 month plan because you leaked information causing the court to have you expelled and then there was no Tywin to support the Tywin 5 month plan. Big difference than jealousy. When I was the minister of Internal Affairs then I didn't like anything that was to disrupt my plans for my ministry and thus of course the trium agreed. Pretty simple I would say, but maybe it will work out for you this time. I hope you all will be able to meet your goals. Hard work can pay off and it seems you are putting some hard work into all of this.
  9. I dont think you have done enough ;) o/ Pacifica
  10. Best way to hurt Alexio is to hide his liquor ;)
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