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  1. Good bye TOP, we were the best of freinds and unfortunately, the worst of enemies, (thanks to that lil !@#$ Centurius). Centurius, thank you for being the dumbest person to have ever led an opposition against us.
  2. Returning from dead to honor the memory of my good friend Chef Joe o/. Bless you o/ I was gonna attack some NG nations now, but then I see the nations in range are hitting the biggest stain ever to have existed on this planet called Osraven, yes, the stain that is even bigger than GATO. Anyways, your tears from being bamboozled, (unintentional and not what we hoped for, but truth be told, who gives a $%&@ now anyway) fills my heart with joy, farewell.
  3. The !@#$%^ alliance still existing. Atleast goons had the courtesy to disband and spare us all the sight of !@#$ that they were. You're even the color of !@#$.
  4. Liked how you got your side wrecked. tbh, was the last fun war of bob.
  5. Good luck Hellas, you have stood with Sparta through thick and thin, unlike many of your !@#$ talking leaders who've took Sparta down the road of destruction for past 2-3 years and many of them seem to have bailed. Even when you were on winning side, the amount of !@#$ your leaders would spew would make your own side cringe and make others hold grudge until they get the time. You had ~decent leaders until 14-18 months after Karma, after then it was just a !@#$ show.
  6. GL and HF Legion o/ For old times sake and the dying !@#$%* planet called bob.
  7. The joy I feel in your posts makes me even more happier. Knock em out NATO o/
  8. Sad to see RIA on the other end, delighted to see Mogar squirm.
  9. Invicta, always on the opposite side of meta. 0/
  10. Coming out of woods to wish you well! Sparta is like an out dated meme, literally.
  11. Not sure what the problem is here, Sptr wants to continue fighting, that's fine. Wish bones was here, would have brought us more joy. Turned out he was all talk no walk.
  12. Sunshine and Corona, on the house o/ GL, HF, Sun!
  13. Give me a whisper And give me a sigh Give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye Don't you take it so hard now And please don't take it so bad I'll still be thinkin' of you And the times we had
  14. This a great summary of what MI6 was and why it failed. Tldr 'we da best, so everyone's out to get us'. I never doubted that Myth totally and 100% presented the essence of MI6, well, second only to Chim.
  15. Holton is M? $%&@, bring back Chimera.
  16. Nothing is in their favor, absolutely nothing. The damage they do in the low NS ranges are of no consequence as you know. What it does is it helps our guys learn and get real hands on combat experience, no pixels would measure this but it is absolutely essential and valuable for mass recruiting alliances. We'd gladly pay for rebuilding the guys (and the amount really is peanuts) in exchange for this valuable experience. So only favor being done is our young nations getting some learning and fun. So, I believe people are absolutely fine with it for as long as they want to keep it up. Whenever they feel or realize like rest of the bob that they've been savagely, absolutely rektd, have lost this war and would like peace, they know where to find the relevant people. I highly doubt anyone would be dick about it from our side, unlike untouchable when he pushed for and started all this. All in all, pretty blasé situation at the moment. And also, congratulations on the casualties, especially to the big guys from our side who went in first and contributed to those numbers the most.
  17. Well you know when OWF is dying, (quantity wise), the end is truly near.
  18. 13 bn is no doubt a ~decent warchest...for someone half his original size.
  19. You are correct, but most them dont lead sizable group of experienced, active and intelligence people (apart form that vodoo guy and that ex-MHA tinfoil owner. And those who do end up leading such group into ground tend to take a step back and let others run the show. What sets Chim apart is his repeated shens have led to repeated rolls and his apparent disconnect from reality and politics around him and his fueling of self-fulfilling prophecies etc. When you talk to Meth etc, atleast they are aware of the realities around them. When you recruit likes of Holton to spy and believe that you're in on a master stroke (after your past shens have blown up on your face) really sets you up in your own league...Holton. Let us all take a pause and let that sink in.
  20. Bones warchest was a joke for his level and the way he blew it was even a bigger joke. Bones is a bad example in a discussion where all actors are assumed to be rational.
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