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  1. Rush, that's actually one of the best descriptions of NATO I've read. You are right to the point of it being a bit painful to read. Thank you.
  2. Looking good for a NATO sweep of Group E. Thanks for doing this, Gober, it has been very fun to follow.
  3. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1311549400' post='2763018'] I wouldn't get too used to it [/quote] I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
  4. is toeing back into the building

    1. Xiphosis


      Not accept! Er.

    2. Vukland


      Miss seeing around buddy should stop the WTF sometime!!

  5. Back in the #2 position on Blue. Smells so nice.
  6. [quote name='Narva' timestamp='1306625197' post='2719728'] I just thought that it was coincidental that we ended up typing out our posts at the same time. [/quote] [img]http://ascelios.com/NATO/21/yodawgworldforum.gif[/img] That's the joke Also, meet LJ Scott. He's cool. Nueva Vida is currently .01 behind us. The Prince and I have never been so close...
  7. hai blood brothers (and sisters), good to see you again...been a while
  8. Considering how this war started, this tactic is no surprise. This is the world we live in now, for however short our remaining days may be.
  9. Congrats MvP, you are on your way to stability. And Locke is a good one if you ever need help, so that's a nice bonus to the treaty.
  10. [quote name='AtheistRepublican' timestamp='1297240767' post='2626828'] It's like Groundhog Day in this thread. [/quote] It's like Groundhog Day in this thread. Also, I love French poetry.
  11. Good war and very well fought on all sides. With very little shenanigans on each side, it was good IC politics and something nobody should feel bad about. o/ Tulak. Good fight, brotha.
  12. [quote name='Mr Vicarious' timestamp='1297087611' post='2623970'] I don't think we are trying to do anything. [/quote] Oh come now. You are trying your best to set the stage for a monumental NATO announcement that we've crossed the 3 million mark for the 8th time. That's what this whole war is about!
  13. Hail my new King! But be warned, the Royal Guard is a cutthroat group of scoundrels that will stab you in the back the first chance we, er, they, get. I pass my scepter and Royal Concubines of Order 23 to the good new regent with a special present hidden somewhere on Number 8. Don't open till Valentine's Day (Number 4 will have you busy till then anyway).
  14. [quote name='Ackbarican Idol' timestamp='1296925847' post='2620594'] I wish there were more Anus in the world, but unfortunately there is only one. [/quote] Anus is a good factor. As is Ackbar. I'm just a relic though... [img]http://www.tailofthesnake.com/pgallery/var/albums/Politics/3531et4.jpg?m=1293127997[/img]
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