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  1. Why u no NATO yo? Also, enjoy, Oculus, you make me nostalgic. If you need a North Atlantic refugee catch and hold, let us know. /no idea if we are aligned with NADC. if so, bygones.
  2. A special announcement from... Dun, Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh Dun... [Tsyaka] How could the bastard, old-timer, retired misfit Go on and on, drift and just become a crazy hermit? How could we watch this obnoxious, arrogant, loudmouth bother Remain inactive while the alliance starts to falter? Lenny calls on the vets to return to the fight But Anu just wants to sleep, not smite Now Anu's skill with a quill was undeniable But what weapons do we have left now? We’re still reliable with the... [All Men] Treaties! [Tsyaka] There are so many to employ [All Men] Chaining! [Tsyaka] Plenty of justifications to destroy [All Men] Ladies! [Tsyaka] They delighted and distracted him But there were only like three of us and nobody was after him [Anu] That’s true! [Full Company] 2017 [Tsyaka] A winter’s war And this one last fight may be the end of it all Yo, if we can chain in on a defense pact, we're rich, son [Anu] Is it a question of if, girl, or which one? [Anu/Tsyaka/Lenny] Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey <sees Non Grata> Hey (͡°͜ʖ ͡° ) Hey (͡°͜ʖ ͡° ) NATO hereby declares war on Invicta in defense of Non Grata (nothing but love for Haflinger though) //just like my country, I'm old, angry and hungry// https://youtu.be/ksff5uvSViU
  3. So what happens when Daario reveals that he is actually Benjen and the Starks take control?
  4. We were so close. Damn democracies and morality.
  5. Rush, that's actually one of the best descriptions of NATO I've read. You are right to the point of it being a bit painful to read. Thank you.
  6. Don't know what's going on here, but plus 5 for Bong of Truth.
  7. Looking good for a NATO sweep of Group E. Thanks for doing this, Gober, it has been very fun to follow.
  8. This man is correct. CDT never had any plans against MK. NATO signed a treaty with them early on after their creation. Although that treaty didn't last past the Unjust Path, to the best of my memory, attacking any Aqua alliance was a strictly forbidden unwritten rule while CDT was in place.
  9. How dare you confirm the SG in this public forum, especially with a new SG so recently installed elected. Props to Tsayka for breaking the Phallacracy.
  10. Sigh. Gods Damned Sitchin and his crap translations, twisting the true history and message of my people. Sumerian tablets never identified Nibiru as a planet beyond the orbit of Saturn, never connected it to the Annunaki, never stated that Annunaki inhabited Nibiru or any other planet, and never mentioned that it is a periodic visitor to the inner solar system. All of that was made up. /rant With that said, congrats on the new alliance and I'm thrilled to see a Sumerian themed group in our verse. I wish you all the best, but try to keep Marduk out of the throne room. Grandkids are embarrassing sometimes, and he has a tendency to destroy.
  11. Congrats to the victors for a good long war, it was very enjoyable. Fighting in the lower tiers was like 2007 all over again. Special props to Trinite for our early round bouts and to the 30 or so other nations I had the honor of fighting.
  12. Truth in action. You've interpreted correctly. NATO at least is in it for the long haul, not sure of other members of this side (lack of information, not an analysis of data).
  13. I was mixing pop references and using lines from Archer and your username themes. Probably too subtle on both counts. My apologies, my lord, please take a load off in the nearest privy.
  14. Wait, wait, I had something for this... Damn it, no...it's gone. Something, something, sword swallower through and through.
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