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  1. Rush, that's actually one of the best descriptions of NATO I've read. You are right to the point of it being a bit painful to read. Thank you.
  2. is toeing back into the building

    1. Xiphosis


      Not accept! Er.

    2. Vukland


      Miss seeing around buddy should stop the WTF sometime!!

  3. Yep, just without the whole Jesus and God thing.
  4. That's exactly why I celebrate it, as well as Christmas. We have always even had an 'opposition response' tradition in my family where I end up giving a speech about love and family after the traditionally religious family members give the prayer. It started when I was 8.
  5. has left the building

    1. Harry Dresden

      Harry Dresden

      Congrats on the new baby girl!

    2. Anu Drake

      Anu Drake

      Thanks Harry, she's wonderful!

  6. Karma is retribution for past actions Once that happens, the fields are even Balance shifts again after
  7. Good post, but the war is not over yet for everyone.
  8. It depends on your definition of fine leadership is. If you are talking about making an impact on power structures and crucial events, both behind the scenes and on stage, Xiphosis has been very successful. He's been involved in most of the major decisions of his alliance and coalitions. To get to that level of diplomatic hierarchy, you have to have a certain amount of panache and finesse, and have power to back it up. Panache for the masses and finesse for those both below and equal to you that you have to work with. With the exception of the greatest, most straightforward and enjoyable war in CN history (my opinion only), the Illuminati tag team, Xiph has been on the opposite side of my IC player so I can't verifty his internal alliance abilities, but I can say from a historical perspective, Xiphosis is far above average as a leader, which I think should qualify him for a fine leader by anyone's definition.
  9. Very well written and to the point, Xiphosis. I rated it 5 of 5. Far too many 'leaders' are rash and reactive, and while the format of the world forum and PMs lends itself so easily to that same type of 'stop, think, post' mentality that would help with this problem, it is unfortunately not used for this purpose. New leaders too often jump on IRC and think decisions need to be made at that pace, not realizing that a simple 'we'll talk about this as an alliance and get back to you' is not only politely acceptable but usually expected. Or I might just be too old for the chat chaos of IRC. That's probably closer to the truth, unfortunately.
  10. That's right, the people of Numeria have decided to declare war on sugar based sodas. Due to the findings of our 'Do Something That Everyone Will Hate You' department's exhaustive, like, ten minute research, it has been determined that people really like sugar based sodas. Therefore, in the spirit of the madness of the world, we have let sugar based sodas know that we're fighting now. And I have one thing to say to you, 'warm place to sleep at night' - I'm watching you.
  11. Anu Drake

    An Otter Time

    Oh, that otter was involved. And Sunny, I know. It is just hard to watch unfold.
  12. Anu Drake

    An Otter Time

    Seriously, there's a distinct lack of clarity as to what the hell is going on right now. So the new way of war is quick declarations and peace when numbers are crunched? Is this because people are becoming more weary of destruction? I don't think so. I think it has more to do with the lack of a dominant presence and the odd allies that seem to be popping up here and there for politics-of-the-moment advantages. There was another time when sides were formed and wars were based on transgressions and maneuverings, not on 'let's wait and see when the best time to jump in is so we're on the winning side'. Ok, maybe it has always been this way, but at least before we would have a couple weeks of fighting first. Why IRON and TOP declared on CnG I have no idea. It doesn't make any sense to me. Being outside of the high level politics makes it easier for me to criticize or question things. NATO has always been close to IRON and now we find ourselves in a position where we have to stay neutral with MHA's defense (not official, I'm not making those decisions anymore). We know we are not a popular group on aqua, haven't been for a long time. But that doesn't mean anything to us because it is still our home, and even if we don't feel the love from some alliances in our home, doesn't mean we abandon it. Ok, so now I'm rambling. I'm angry at IRON and TOP for starting a war that has nothing to do with the one we were already fighting, upset that we don't have the friendships we used to in aqua and hungry because I missed lunch. And my foot hurts. Peace and love, peace and love, Anu
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