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  1. That's what I encourage you to do. Bring out the truth! 20-40 coming out soon!
  2. You know nothing about me. Assumptions can be made though. Cause rerolls dont exist, do they? And yea, I'm leaving CN soon. Anyway, kids, I was saying NPO today. You hear polar, doom, aztech spheres. Who says pacifica sphere? They are big and important in affairs, but they arent what they were.
  3. More to come in later days. Add your own comments about these alliances. NPO. Powerful alliance, but never takes advantage. Have you ever heard of Pacifica Sphere? Could be gooder. Good luck getting through the 12 step application process. GPA. What a bunch of beepers. Good if you want to sit and backcollect every 20 days and do nothing with your life and be a war virgin. Come out of neutrality and you will be set free. IRON. Loves all of their allies and would never attack them. Umbrella. Lovers of War Pigs/ABLS and the most honest group out there. NpO. Tywin
  4. Yes, your toddler got on your phone and happened to click the peace mode. What an accident. I bet that $99,790,282 warchest is also an accident. Does anyone else remember the days when senators didn't matter? This is barbaric, declaring because you can't win a single senate seat. And 3 seperate wars in one week? Damn, CN just got interesting. But really, Methrage won his seat, he got the support. You don't have to be a dick about it because he's better than you. SNX has like 5000000 members, just have like 20 of them vote for the Atlas guy, and you have your 5th seat. SNX literally had
  5. You have Facebook messages, you might want to delete it.
  6. Oh that's where they went!! I thought we were trying to force TSO to eat them. I am so dumb. Kingneptune has to be more careful where he places his nukes.
  7. I think Vacant has too much power and does too much work O_o
  8. You haven't factored in your 4 ghosts, meaning if you actually think we have done only 60k damage, you are dumb. War stats please, not NS lost. Nations come and go all the time, you have to look at all the variables. Plus all the nukes we lost. Ceres, look at your war screens, look at some other members. Tell me whatcha see.
  9. I am suprised, but a very good move and a new direction for SNX. O/
  10. He is also probably Bill locked. Hostilities have been ignored.
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