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  1. I could of sworn I said something about IRON and terms...
  2. I know it's over now, but just making sure you know. IRON has had a standing policy of not levying terms for a while(after Bipolar I think). We never did try to get them from Umbrella.
  3. I love Samus, but he wasn't the IA guy post war(though his work on Carnivore remains awesome.) We do owe our allies a lot for giving us the chance to prove that we had worked things out. That being said, I think it has less to do with our stats or even our foreign prowess(though TW is an excellent FA guy). It really has more to do with how easy it was to outmatch our rivals in terms of FA. One last point. You have been claiming for months that you wanted to "easy tensions" with us. As a member of TOP gov, going around posting these comments isn't really helping(whether you believe them to be true or not). You can claim all you want that we're paranoid or "our to get you", but your continued aggressiveness towards us really doesn't help. But hey, it's the OWF. !@#$ flinging is expected.
  4. This is much better than Tywin's thing That said, anything is.
  5. This is honestly the best thing ever.
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