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  1. Thanks to everyone that contributed to Sengoku in some way or another. Including our foes. Who would have thought a 3 man AA could turn into what Sengoku was. This was our toughest decision as a community, but the right one.
  2. This partly my fault. Just !@#$ did you jump the gun and sulk mighty fast. A good thing more level heads are sorting this out.
  3. Now, Shavar - this is how it should be. Good to see old friends treated well. Thanks for the fight fellas.
  4. All the best, Letum. Congratulations, Frawley. Sengoku looks forward to continuing to work with NPO under your leadership.
  5. Congratulations, IRON. Glad to call you friends.
  6. Lots of friends here, best of luck to you all.
  7. President S O

    The 'C' word

    !@#$. All the best, friend!
  8. This is good news. Though DT, you're gonna have to change your flag... Congrats, allies.
  9. Best of luck to my allies. And to Fark, as part of the season.
  10. Good to see you well and alive, Lurunin. (And PPO)
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