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  1. If you join, you will not regret it! https://cn.npowned.net/
  2. Congrats! Five ears is not a bad achievement at all.
  3. We are the number 1 alliance and also the only Order you need to join!
  4. Now now.... it's not nice to make fun of old people who are starting to lose memory ;) Here in Pacifica we are working on specialty canes which allow the aging CN player to not only manage his/her nation from the console on the cane, but to also to use as a guiding device should they get lost in the dusty caverns of the OWF where other crusty old players walk from time to time.
  5. I think you didn't meet enough people then :P I find getting licked by Italia very personable ;)
  6. Congrats to MI :) Best of luck to you both on this.
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