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The Stratephor Accords

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Sparta and TOP sign a treaty of mutual defense.




The Stratephor Accords


The Order of the Paradox and Sparta, in order to affirm their obedience to the Stratephor, hereby establish this treaty.
Article I- Sovereignty
Both signatories acknowledge the existence of the other as an  independent, sovereign alliance, governed by their own constitutions and  free from external pressures. Both signatories also agree to  acknowledge the lawful governments of one another, unless they are  mistaken for someone else in communication channels and given valuable  information.
Article II- Intelligence
In the event that either signatory comes into possession of information  that may in any way pertain to the security of the other, this  information must be shared at the earliest opportunity. If the  information is acquired through false identification, then a recorded  transcript of the information is to be provided, for comedic purposes.
Article III- Non-Aggression
Neither signatory shall engage in hostile actions against the other,  including the use of military equipment, spying, economic sanctions, or  any other actions that could be considered an act of war.
Article IV- Mutual Defense

In the event that one signatory comes under hostile action from a third  party, the other signatory is obligated to come to the aid of the  attacked party, using any and all means necessary, should the attacked  request assistance.
Article V- Optional Aggression
In the event that one signatory engages in hostile actions against a  third party, the other signatory has the option, but is not obligated,  to assist the former using any means deemed appropriate.
Article VI- Cancellation
If either signatory wishes to cancel the Stratephor Accords, they may do  so after properly informing the other signatory. The Accords will then  expire after 72 hours have passed.
Signed for Sparta
DeathAdder, Basileus of Sparta                                                  
Yerushalayim, Basileus of Sparta
DarkLink, Archephor of Sparta
MetalSnow, Ephor of Lykoi                                                  
DarkIceDragon, Ephor of Mesoa

Signed for the Order of the Paradox:

Salajol, Grandmaster
Yevgeni Luchenkov, Grand Chancellor
iamthey, Grand Hospitaller




All hail the Stratephor.

Edited by Yerushalayim
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May Johan's divine will be done through his prophet Stratephor.


And here I thought salajol was from the classier part of Georgia. Guess I'm alone on that one. :|

I'm above the piedmont fall line so I'd say so. :P

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